Our Infant program utilizes a primary care system, allowing children and families the opportunity to bond with a particular caregiver within a classroom.  Infants and toddlers need to feel secure in their environment; establishing a trusting bond with caregivers, while coming to the gradual realization that parents come back at the end of the day.  Particular attention is given to the separation process and the ebbing and waning of stranger anxiety that occurs throughout the infant and toddler years.

Toddlerhood is recognized as a unique and individual timeframe from that of infancy or preschool.  The developmental tasks of toddlerhood are treated with respect and nurturing.  Coming from the mindset that we “expect” toddlers to behave in certain ways, alleviates many of the issues commonly associated with this period of development.

Our Preschool program includes children from ages three to five years.  We offer mixed age grouping as a means for children to learn from one another, and to further recognize that children grow and develop at varying rates.

Our Preschool program incorporates the Developmental-Interaction Approach to learning.  This philosophy stresses the inseparability of the child’s emotional life from his or her intellectual and physical development.  Children’s understanding of information is carefully documented and represented in many forms.  Portfolios are maintained by staff as a means of assessing children’s areas of strength and need.

In both the Preschool and Infant/Toddler programs, social experiences are viewed as the key to later academic success.  We consider it vital that children learn to be aware of their emotions, to identify and discuss them, become aware of their needs and be able to negotiate resolutions with other children and caregivers.