Testing & Assessment Center

Mission Statement 

The Testing and Assessment Center is dedicated to promoting the academic goals and mission of the College and the division by providing placement testing and information on courses placement and relevant counseling and academic support services essential to student success.

Placement Testing

The placement examination is an important first step in your plan for success at Westchester Community College. The placement tests will assess your current skill levels in reading, writing, and mathematics. The College’s mandatory assessment and placement policy requires students to register for courses as determined by placement exam scores.

Modern States
Modern States is a charity whose goal is to make college more accessible and affordable. It has funded the production of high quality online courses taught by college professors that prepare students for introductory College Level Examination Program (CLEP) exams in Economics, Sociology, Algebra, and other areas.  Up to 60 students from Westchester Community College can sign-up. Students will learn while also helping us improve the “Freshman Year for Free” program.

Modern States will pay the $80 test fee and the $20 scheduling fee for every student in the pilot who enrolls in the courses and takes the exams. Students need to register by January, 2017, finish the course work by March, 2017 and take the CLEP exam by April, 2017.  Exceptions can be made to enable students to complete the courses and take the exams in May 2017. Students can move faster than the timeline by completing the courses more quickly and taking the exams sooner.  To sign-up visit;


Before you take the placement exam, take time to review your reading, writing, and math skills so that you can do your very best. Explore the Testing & Assessment Center website to get additional information.

Watch a video describing the content (and more) of the placement exam.


Bring photo ID.  You will need to show photo ID before sitting for placement exam.


Contact Us

The Testing and Assessment Center is located in the Harold L. Drimmer Library/Learning Resource Center, Ground Floor.


Testing Center Office Hours

Monday – Friday
8:00 am – 4:00 pm

  • Office Hours are different from the placement testing schedule.
  • For the placement exam schedule, please click on the schedules on the left side of the page.

For information on the TEAS exam, contact the Admissions Office at 914-606-6735 or

Honors Program
Entering students may be eligible for Westchester Community College’s Honors Program. Click here for details.

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