Academic Support

Academic Support Center

The ASC is designed to support the following courses: Pre-Algebra, Beginning Algebra, College Algebra w/Trigonometry, College Algebra: Functions and Models, Foundations of College Reading, Analytical Reading, Introduction to Academic Writing I / II and the upper levels (level 6 and higher) of English as a Second Language (ESL). Additionally, we provide tutoring in Biology, Biological Science, Chemistry, Microbiology, Anatomy and Physiology, Non-major Physical Sciences, Respiratory Care and Foods/Nutrition, and Emergency Medical Services Classes in the Science tutorial, Writing Papers in All Disciplines in the Writing Tutorial and Intro Computing Concepts, Computer Programming, IT Essentials, Linux Operating System, Networking, Networking Administration, Networking Security, Gui Development, & Computer Architecture in the Computer Science Tutorial.

A variety of math, ESL, reading, science and writing workshops as well as final exam and exit exam review sessions are offered. All Pre-Nursing students are welcome. In addition, workshops are available to enhance test taking and study skills.

The ASC is located in the Library, on the ground floor, in a warm supportive atmosphere; peer and senior tutors (some of whom are adjunct instructors) are available. A wide variety of audio-visual and computer software is also available to provide assistance in Math, Reading and ESL.