Academic Support

The Academic Support Center (ASC) provides free student assistance including tutoring resources for a wide variety of topics and specific classes.

Phone number: 914-606-6470

The ASC is designed to support the following courses: Pre-Algebra, Beginning Algebra, College Algebra: Functions and Models, College Algebra w/Trig, Foundations of Mathematical Reasoning, Foundations of College Reading, Analytical Reading, Introduction to Academic Writing I & II, Upper Level ESL Institute courses, General Biology I/II, Biological Science I/II, Principles of Inorganic Chemistry, Inorganic Chemistry I/II, Anatomy and Physiology I/II, Microbiology, Non-major Physical Sciences, Respiratory Care and Foods/Nutrition, Writing for College I/II, Writing and Research, Writing and Literature, and papers in all disciplines, Intro Computing Concepts, Computer Programming I/II, Linux Operating System, Java Programming, GUI Development, & Computer Architecture.

A variety of math, ESL, reading, science and writing workshops as well as final exam and exit exam review sessions are offered. All Pre-Nursing students are welcome. In addition, workshops are available to enhance test taking and study skills.

The ASC is located in the Library, on the ground floor, in a warm supportive atmosphere; peer and senior tutors (some of whom are adjunct instructors) are available. A wide variety of computer software is also available to provide assistance in Math, Reading and ESL.