At Westchester Community College, Volunteers Make A Difference

Answer the Call to Service:  Explore our Volunteer Opportunities! 

The Westchester Community College Volunteer Corps was established in 1992 to help provide students with services that went beyond the college’s budget. The Corps has been growing steadily ever since, and at present more than 550 volunteers from all over the County are contributing their time and talents to help our students make the most of their educational and career opportunities.

The college’s volunteers are a diverse group. They range in age from 18 to 90. They are professional people, business men and women, retirees, homemakers, college students, faculty and staff. Together they contribute thousands of service hours to the college each year.

Volunteers help all over the campus. Some work directly with students throughout the semester, one-on-one and in small groups. Conversation Partners, hold weekly chats with ESL students to help them gain confidence in speaking English. Tutors help students develop reading, writing, math, science and computer skills at tutorial centers throughout the campus. Other volunteers work on special projects over the course of the year, helping to restore the beauty of our historic landscaping, or assisting with cultural arts programs.

Volunteering at Westchester Community College helps not only the students; it provides many rewards for the volunteers as well. They love the academic environment and the beauty of campus, and they enjoy the collegial relationship they have with Westchester Community College professionals.  Many say they learn even more than they give. As we usher in a new era and spirit of volunteerism in the United States, if you are interested in answering this “Call to Service,” we would be happy to find the right match for you here on campus.  Our volunteers care about our students who are forever grateful and typically say: “This is such a gift! We couldn’t get help like this anywhere else.”

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Join our Volunteer Corps. Come see for yourself how you can make a difference. For more information about the Westchester Community College Volunteer Program, call the Volunteer Office at 914-606-6805/6506, or stop by Room S231 in the Gateway Center.