Welcome to Workforce Development and Community Education

The Division of Workforce Development and Community Education offers a wide range of courses for adults, teens, children, and seniors. We are the largest Workforce Development and Community Education Program in the SUNY system. Classes are available:

  • to prepare students for new careers
  • to enable professionals to maintain and upgrade professional skills and meet and maintain licensure requirements
  • to provide students with lifelong learning opportunities for pleasure or profit
  • to help non-native English speakers prepare for college and/or employment

Our courses are intended for community members; some are geared to kids and teens while our Mainstream program offers classes geared towards older adults.

Whether your goal is to explore a new activity, earn certification in your current field or prepare for a new career, learn to speak English, or learn new skills for the workplace, you’ll find it all here at Westchester Community College!

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Quality instructors, great classes, and a commitment to lifelong learning – that’s why we invite you to come explore with us at Westchester Community College.

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Westchester Community College offers a number of pathways to help you prepare for a new career! You can get the skills and knowledge you need by enrolling in a non-credit program, or earn college credits through one of our degree or certificate programs. Perhaps you are not sure what people do or how much money they earn in certain careers? Would you like to know how many jobs are predicted to be available in a particular industry? Or maybe you are unsure whether receiving a non-credit career certification or license would be right for you? Go to to explore a variety of career opportunities, their associated job descriptions, and salary and employment trends. Complete a career assessment for additional guidance. Still not sure? Visit for more career resources and contacts.