Adult Students

Adult Student PieceAt Westchester Community College, we know a lot about adult students. We should, because almost one-half of our student body is over 25 years of age. So you won’t be alone!

We also know that as an adult student you will juggle school with work and/or family responsibilities. At Westchester Community College we know that you have special needs and we can meet those needs with a variety of support services.

Our counselors, faculty and staff are prepared to ease your transition back into the classroom. We will provide you with the knowledge and skills you need to further your education, pursue a successful career, and lead a rewarding personal life.

We’ve answered a number of common questions that returning adult students have about attending Westchester Community College. Click to view our Adult Student Q&A pages.

Reasons Why Adults Attend College

  • To obtain skills for a new career
  • To advance in a current profession
  • To fulfill a dream of having a college degree
  • To do something for themselves now that the kids are in school
  • To understand the world of computers
  • To obtain a good job to help pay for a child’s college tuition
  • To meet new people with similar interests
  • To get a new start after a personal life transition
  • To keep learning about new things…because no matter what, going to college will change your life!

Why Returning Adults Choose Westchester Community College