International and Immigrant Students

Mission Statement for the Office of International and Immigrant Student Affairs

The Office of International and Immigrant Student Affairs (OIISA) is committed to student success. The OIISA provides necessary services to meet the special needs of F1 international and immigrant students.

The mission is supported by two primary goals:

  • To educate and inform the F-1 international population of the regulations governing the enrollment of international students;
  • To provide programs and services that facilitate the international and immigrant student’s academic transition to and from Westchester Community College.

Executive Order 13769

On January 27, 2017, President Trump signed Executive Order 13769 affecting immigrants and non-immigrants from seven countries: Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria and Yemen. Anyone with specific questions regarding how this Executive Order might affect them should seek advice from an experienced immigration attorney.

The links below provide additional information regarding this Executive Order and its implementation:

Immigrant Students
Skilled Immigrants with work authorization should contact Upwardly Global for assistance with rebuilding their professional careers in the United States.

International Student Admissions
Any applicant who is not a citizen, a documented permanent resident of the U.S., or an undocumented resident of the U.S. and who wishes to study at the college on a full-time basis, may apply for an F-1(student) visa. Such a student is considered an international student throughout their academic stay. Students on F-1 visas must be admitted to the college on a full-time basis.

(Note: International students who need intensive English preparation before starting college can also qualify for F-1 immigration status.)

Contact Us:
Location: Valhalla Campus, Gateway Bldg., Room 132
Office Hours: Monday – Thursday, 8:00 AM – 4:00 PM
To Make an Appointment: 914-606-5660
Phone: 914-606-8567
Fax: 914-606-5629
Email Contact:
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Application Package

  • Download International Student Application Package
  • Download Transfer Recommendation Form. For students transferring from another US college or language school, who currently have F-1 (Student) status.
  • Request an application by email.
  • All documents sent to Westchester Community College become the property of the college and cannot be returned or reproduced for any reason. Please be sure to make copies of all documents submitted for your own records. You will need these copies for your visa appointment.

Prospective Nursing Applicants

Please call (914) 606-6735 to obtain specific information regarding admissions requirements for the nursing program.

International Student Admissions Deadlines

For students applying from outside the US, completed applications are due on the following dates.

  • Fall semester deadline is June 15.
  • Spring semester deadline is November 1.
  • Summer semester is April 1.

For students applying from within the US (transfer or change of status), completed applications are due on the following dates.

  • Fall semester deadline is July 15.
  • Spring semester deadline is December 1.
  • Summer semester is May 1.

For more information regarding the application process for international students write to at the Office of International Student Services or call (914) 606-5660.

The TOEFL test is not required. However, students who do not submit a passing TOEFL score can be accepted only into a Language Training Program and conditionally accepted into a degree program. Without proof of English proficiency, students cannot be accepted directly into a degree program.  Students who have not taken and passed a TOEFL test can have an English language evaluation completed here at WCC when they arrive. Based upon these results, our English Language Institute may or may not recommend that you start with English classes before being accepted into a degree program. To schedule an English evaluation call (914) 606-6656.

For students who have taken the TOEFL, a passing score would be 500 or higher on paper test, 173 or higher on computer test, or 61 or higher on internet based test. Students with a passing score, will still be required to take the placement test. Please read below.

Placement Testing
ALL students are required to take the placement test in reading, writing and math to assess current skill levels. The placement test must be completed before registering for classes to ensure proper class placement. Additional information regarding the placement test can be found on the Testing and Assessment page.

International Student Orientation Workshop
All new international students are required to attend an International Student Orientation Workshop their first semester. There is a workshop held at the beginning of every semester in September, May and February. Accepted students will receive information with the date, time and location of orientation. Please be aware that this workshop is different from the college orientation noted below.

Video Profile

Campus Tours and Orientation
All new students are encouraged to visit the campus and take a campus tour. The tour schedule can be accessed here.

In addition to the International Student Orientation Workshop, the Office of Student Involvement conducts new student orientation programs to familiarize all new students with college services, resources and on-campus events. Information about the new student orientation can be found here.

Transfer Services
Transferring to a four year school for a Bachelor’s Degree is a basic component of our educational system.  When you graduate, you have the opportunity to transfer to an almost limitless choice of institutions. Please see our Career and Transfer Services webpage for additional information.