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Features & Family Events:

Scholastic Book Fair (twice yearly) Fall & Spring
Footsteps in the Garden (Fundraiser Family Event)  in May
Children’s Center Art Exhibition (June through July)
Potluck Dinner (summer)
Infant, Toddler & Preschool Parent Nights
Parent Teacher Conferences

Susan Zucker, Director of The Virginia Marx Children’s Center

What I Know About Susan…

“I come to school and I say good morning to her…”
“She let my brother do a magic show…”
“She is the director of the school…”
“She treats me nice…”
“She keeps people safe so they do not get hurt…”
“She talks to my Mom…”
“She smiles at me…”
“I like my friends to see her office…”
“She blinks her eyes…”
“Her job is to write letters. She goes to the computer. She goes to work to play. There is nothing else that she could do…”
“She works, she talks, and umm…she draws pictures, she cleans. Her job is to direct people…”
“She plants flowers, watermelon; she works on the computer. She talks to Sara…”
“Every time I come to school, I see Susan; then when I’m outside I can see her in the window…”
“She is in her office all the time…”
“She has silver hair…”
“She is my friend…”
“She visits my classroom…”
“Her hair is not black…”
“She is the boss…”

*Observations from a preschool classroom