Account/Email Activation

Tips for Activating your student profile:

  1. Go to and click on the MyWCC icon in the yellow box in the upper right corner.
  2. Before you can use Self Service or email for the first time, you must activate your account at the MyWCC
  3. Find the panel on the left titled “WCC Account Activation” and click on the New Students
  4. Enter your UserID. If you do not know it, contact or call 914-606-5600.
  5. You will be prompted to select two security questions and provide an answer for each. These questions will be used in the event that you forget your password. It is important that you remember exactly the answers you provide!
  6. Next you will be requested to create a password for your account, and to enter it twice. The second entry must match the first exactly to verify correctness.  The password must be between 7 and 25 characters long, must contain at least one UPPER case character, at least one lower case character, at least one digit, and cannot be your first name, last name or be the same as your UserID. It should not contain spaces.
  7. Click Continue.
  8. You should receive confirmation that your account is activated. You can then use your UserID and password to log in at MyWCC using the Sign On box in the upper left corner of MyWCC page.
  9. Important Note: After you have created your MyWCC Account, 60 minutes later your WCC Email Address will be activated.



Logging on to WCC Student Email:

To access your WCC email, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the MyWCC Portal –
  2. Under “SIGN ON”, put in your MyWCC UserID and Password (If you have not already created your UserID and Password previously, that must be done first!). Once you’ve successfully logged into your Home Page, in the third column you will see the Student Email box.
  3. Click on the link that is labeled: “Log on to Student Email”
    A new window will appear and will take you to the Office 365 webpage:
  4. Log on to your WCC email account with your student email address and password. Your email is your MyWCC UserID followed by, for example,
  5. Type your MyWCC password.
  6. Click on the Sign in button.


Using College Email:

Once you are logged in at MyWCC you will see a panel in the right column for WCC Email with a link for your WCC Inbox. If you have any messages in your inbox, the header information for the first few may be displayed. Click the link for the WCC Inbox.  On the log in screen that is presented when you click the link, enter your email address (e.g. Enter your Password in the password field and click Sign In. 

NOTE: Your college email is the only address that will be used to send you official communications such as college announcements, emergency/weather closing announcements, receipts, etc. You must use your college email when corresponding with college offices about your enrollment.  You may receive periodic emails at your college email address with announcements of upcoming events or other items of interest to Continuing Education students. 

Your enrollment as a Continuing Education student may entitle you to special discounts on computer software. Log into MyWCC as described above and look for the link to the OnTheHub store. You may also be able to use MS Office 365 for no cost – see the information box at MyWCC.

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