Gateway Initiatives

Language Exchange Program

The Gateway Language Exchange Program is based on the idea that in order to learn any language, there’s no substitute for simply talking to people! This program pairs English Language Learners (ELLs) who want to practice English with an English-speaker who, in turn, wants to practice the native language spoken by the ELL. For example, an ESL learner from Colombia who needs to practice her English might be paired with an American-born student who is studying Spanish. Language Exchange partners generally start meeting for one hour each week for conversation practice, though some pairs choose to increase this amount of time. Meetings take place in the Gateway Center. During each session, half of the session is spent speaking in one language, and the other half in the other language. Immersion (no translation or use of the language not being practiced) is strongly encouraged! To apply, please fill out the information. We will notify you when we have found a partner for you.

Making a Difference

Community service is an integral part of the student’s educational and personal development. In addition to giving back to the community, students gain experience, learn about the community in which they live, work or go to school in, enabling them to participate in the life of the community.  The Volunteer Army promotes community service on campus and serves as a resource and connection point between students, both individuals and campus clubs and community organizations that need support.  The club will:

  • Coordinate a “Volunteer Week” to encourage and recognize volunteer projects that students have participated in
  • Coordinate volunteer opportunities for individuals and groups throughout the year
  • Provide information about available volunteer opportunities on and off campus
  • Coordinate with local organizations to plan volunteer projects to participate in community projects

For more information about the club or to discuss a volunteer opportunity, come visit us.  The club meets every other Wednesday during common hours in the Technology building room Tec 13K.  You can also email us at

Gateway Center Monthly Film Series

The Gateway Center Monthly Film Series is free of charge for all students and the off-campus community.  The series will feature outstanding films representing many countries.  Many of these films will tell the story of people who find themselves in a new country or culture, whether they be immigrants, tourists or staying temporarily, either for employment or education.  Other films may deal with the issues of assimilation into the new culture or coping with everyday life.  There will be a moderator for each film who will provide an introduction and lead a brief discussion afterward, time permitting.  All performances take place at 11:15am in The Gateway Center’s Davis Auditorium; doors open at 11:00am.

For more information call Eridania Camacho at 914-606-5616.  For information on specific films, click on Calendar of events.

All films are subject to change based on DVD availability.

Mi Hermana Mayor Mentoring Program

In the fall of 2010, The Gateway Center embarked on a new partnership with El Centro Hispano, a thriving community based organization in White Plains. Together with Manhattanville College and the White Plains School District, we developed and inaugurated Mi Hermana Mayor, a mentoring and community service program that pairs college Latinas with middle school Latina students from Eastview Middle School.  The college students meet weekly with their middle school “hermanas” to encourage their academic success and support their college aspirations.  Program participants work with community/corporate role models and perform community service projects.

The Mi Hermana Mayor program has been designed around an environment that values the students’ Latino heritage, culture and language.  The program involved field trips to cultural and historical points of interest as well as college and university campuses.  Parent involvement is encouraged through workshops on a variety of pertinent topics during the year. For more information visit us at: or by calling (914) 289-0500.

Cultural Events and Lecture Series

The Gateway’s 175 seat auditorium hosts artists from around the world, expanding on the college’s renowned, long-running offerings such as the Smart Arts Cultural Series, Celebrity Salons, and President’s Forum.  This new space helps the college to further celebrate diversity as it hosts international musicians, dramatic performers, and distinguished leaders in areas ranging from government to finance and literature.