Scholarships for New or Continuing Students

Some awards, related to specific curriculum areas or college service, are determined by other college departments or committees and may have a special application form and determination process. These awards are designated by a diamond ♦. Inquire at the particular department or the Foundation office.

Joseph & Sophia Abeles Gateway Scholarships
These scholarships are awarded to students enrolled in programs within the Gateway Center, or enrolled in Gateway-related college programs.

American Women of African Heritage, Inc. Scholarship
In keeping with its mission to empower women and girls of African ancestry, AWAH provides this annual scholarship to a female student of color, who is returning to college after a break in her schooling.

William P. Dawson Memorial Scholarship
In memory of the man who was instrumental in the development of emergency medical service in Westchester County, a $500 scholarship is awarded to either a new or continuing student who is enrolled in the Emergency Medical Technician-Paramedic curriculum at the college.

Kathryn Davis Global Community Scholarships
This scholarship brings together outstanding students from diverse backgrounds for education, international understanding, exchange and service. The scholarship provides full support for tuition, fees and books. In the spirit of the Kathryn Wasserman Davis “100 Projects for Peace,” students are required to complete innovative, grassroots projects that contribute to building peaceful initiatives and shaping a better world.

Shirley Durst Scholarships
Several scholarships of varying amounts are presented to students who have demonstrated academic excellence and who wish to begin their education at Westchester Community College or who require assistance to continue in the Nursing Program.

A & J Economos Scholarships
These awards are presented to new or continuing students who have demonstrated academic excellence, financial need and service to the college or community. Continuing students must have a minimum GPA of 3.0. New students must have shown promise while in high school.

The Friends of Westchester Community College Award
In honor of the Friends, the Foundation awards this scholarship to a student who has demonstrated overall academic achievement and leadership qualities and has financial need. Award amount is approximately $500 per semester.

Gannett Scholarships
Resident tuition scholarships are awarded to three mothers from the Lower Hudson Valley (Westchester/Putnam/Rockland) who are new or returning students pursuing degrees at Westchester Community College.

Virginia Gold Book Fund
This book fund was established by family and friends in honor of Ginny Gold, Foundation board member.

Eugene & Emily Grant Family Foundation Scholarship
Awarded to students who have demonstrated financial need, provided service to the college or community, or surmounted unusual or difficult circumstances.

The Henry Hart Rice Day Care Grants
Started by the Rice Family on the occasion of Mr. Rice’s 80th birthday, these grants in varying amounts support students using the services of the Virginia Marx Children’s Center.

Joan Hart Memorial Staff Council Award
This scholarship was established by family, friends and former colleagues, in loving memory of Joan Hart, a former staff member of the college. The award is given to the child of a staff member and who is currently attending the college.

Wilton Hopkins, Jr. Scholarship
This award is made in the spirit of the Black Male Initiative and the Year of Diversity, to an African-American male student who is succeeding in spite of the odds.

Italian Club Scholarships
Multiple awards ranging from $300 to $1,000 are given to outstanding students of Italian who will study the language at the college. Among these awards are several named for supporters of the club:

George Baldini Memorial Scholarship

Attilio Cantatore Memorial Award

Josephine Cerniglia Memorial Scholarship

Columbian Lawyers Association of Westchester County

Salvatore Costa Memorial Scholarship

Cesare De Feo

Vera Delgrosso Memorial Scholarship

John Di Giacinto Memorial Scholarship

Pauline F. Fusaro Memorial Scholarship

Dr. Anna Miller Memorial Scholarship

Josephine and Vincent Puma/Rose and Louise Fortuna Memorial Award

Marie Rizzo Memorial Scholarship

Dominic Tanzi Memorial Award

Lina and Sebastian Terranova Memorial Scholarship

Jack & Jill Emerging Leaders Scholarship
This scholarship is awarded to a hard-working male of African descent, who demonstrates financial need, as well as academic promise.

Daniel & Patricia Kahn Memorial Scholarship
This award is presented to a student with demonstrated financial need. Preference will be given to a student who is a single parent, or who is returning to school after an extended absence.

Max Kahn Memorial Scholarship
This scholarship awards full tuition and expenses for one year to an incoming or second year technology student, who demonstrates academic achievement and financial need.

Kappa Sigma Kappa Scholarship
Through the generosity of the members of the Kappa Sigma Kappa Fraternity, this scholarship is awarded to a student who demonstrates academic excellence and financial need.

Lisa Mancher Memorial Scholarship
The Mancher Family Foundation makes this award as a memorial to the remarkable life of Lisa Mancher who, despite multiple physical disabilities, received a Bachelor’s degree, was on her way to completing a Master’s, and held a job. The scholarship is awarded to a disabled student in need of financial aid to begin or complete his or her education at the college.

Edwin G. Michaelian Scholarship
The Westchester Community College Foundation offers a scholarship to a high school graduate in Westchester County who is in the top quarter of his or her class, has demonstrated exceptional leadership qualities and plans to attend the college. The award may also be given to a continuing student with an excellent academic record and leadership qualities. Award amount is approximately $500 per semester.

Kate Cromwell Moore Memorial Scholarships
These scholarships are presented to new and continuing students with disabilities who achieve academic excellence and who demonstrate financial need.

Katherine & David Moore Gateway Scholarships
These scholarships are presented to outstanding matriculated immigrant students who demonstrate academic excellence and financial need. The fund also provides support to students in the intensive and semi-intensive English as a Second Language programs at the college.

St. Joseph’s Medical Center Scholarships
These scholarships are offered to students in the LPN or ADN Nursing Programs at Westchester Community College. Recipients are committed to working at St. Joseph’s for a period of one year after graduation.

Sound Federal Savings and Loan Scholarships
Two scholarships of $1,000 each are provided by Sound Federal Savings and Loan Charitable Association for the general support of students enrolled in a business curriculum.

Betsy & Wally Stern Scholarships
The Walter & Betsy Stern Scholarships are awarded to promising students with demonstrated financial need who are either immigrant students, or enrolled in studies that could lead to business development (such as Business Administration, International Business, or Fashion Merchandising).

Thursday Club Grants
This scholarship program was established by the Thursday Club to provide support for mothers attending college, who have young children requiring child care. In addition to an academic scholarship, recipients also receive funding toward child care costs.

Unisys Corporation Scholarships
Two scholarships of $500 each are awarded to students who have demonstrated competence in computer-related curricula.

James Vereen Kappa Alpha Psi Scholarship
This scholarship is funded by the New Rochelle/White Plains Alumni Chapter of Kappa Alpha Psi, with a matching contribution from the Westchester Community College Foundation. It is awarded to an outstanding African American male student who maintains a GPA of 2.5 or better, exhibits leadership in all areas, and has demonstrated financial need.

Julius Weiss Memorial Scholarships
These $500 awards, created by the Heckscher Foundation for Children in memory of this former Foundation Board member, are given to deserving Westchester Community College students under the age of twenty-one, or those who plan to pursue a career that involves working with children.

Werlinich Family Scholarships
Werlinich Family Scholarships are presented to motivated, high-achieving students who have graduated from Woodlands High School in Hartsdale, NY. These awards, established by Greg Werlinich, Woodlands HS class of 1982, are presented to both incoming and continuing students; preference will be given to those demonstrating financial need. (Incoming student awardees will be considered for continuing support if they maintain a GPA of 3.0.)

Westchester Art Workshop Awards
A variety of awards, including some specifically for students with disabilities, are available. Inquire at the Westchester Art Workshop.

Westchester Community College Foundation Scholarships
These scholarships are awarded to incoming high school graduates who are in the top quarter of their class and have demonstrated leadership qualities. The Foundation also offers scholarships to continuing students who have achieved academic success. Preference will be given to those who have financial need, have provided service to the college or community, or have surmounted unusual or difficult circumstances.

Westchester Community College Foundation Gateway Scholarships
As part of its campaign for the Gateway Center, the Foundation created these scholarships in support of foreign-born men and women who wish to pursue their studies at the college.

Westchester Community College Foundation Spring for Scholarships Awards
The Foundation’s Spring for Scholarships fundraising event honors individuals and corporations who have helped strengthen and expand its scholarship program. The scholarships are named for, and funded by, individuals attending the event.

World Trade Center Scholarships
These awards are presented to students rebuilding lives since the 2001 World Trade Center disaster. The scholarships were made possible through a grant from the NYSBA Research & Education Foundation in Albany, NY.