Scholarships and Awards for Graduating Students

Some awards, related to specific curriculum areas or college service, are determined by other college departments or committees and may have a special application form and determination process. These awards are designated by a diamond ♦. Inquire at the particular department or the Foundation office.

Alpha Beta Gamma Scholarship Awards
A scholarship fund created by members of the local Delta Chapter of Alpha Beta Gamma, a national business honor society, provides scholarship awards to outstanding graduating students in various eligible curricula. Awards are $100.

John F.X. Ambrose Memorial Scholarship
This scholarship, in memory of a former registrar, will be presented to a Westchester Community College student who has an above average scholastic record, has given outstanding service to the college community and has a commitment to continue his or her education at a four-year college.

American Association of University Women Scholarships
These $500 awards are presented at graduation to female students who have been accepted at a four-year college. Recipients must have maintained a GPA of 3.0 or higher and have demonstrated leadership qualities and concern for women’s issues. The award is funded by the Westchester Branch of the AAUW.

Leonard J. Barrett Memorial Award
An award of $50 in memory of the former Dean of Student Personnel Services is awarded to a graduating athlete who has excelled on the playing field as well as in class. Criteria include achievement of the highest GPA above 3.0 and recommendation by the head coach for possession of the intellectual, athletic and sportsmanlike characteristics akin to those of Dr. Barrett.

Anna J. Bernard Trustee Award
This award of $300 is presented annually to an African-American student upon graduation from Westchester Community College. The recipient must be a resident of Westchester County who is transferring to a four-year institution, must have given outstanding service to the college and present an excellent academic record.

Walter & Mary Breede Memorial Scholarship
This $500 award perpetuates the memory of Walter Breede Jr., a good friend of the college and a dedicated language student. The award is presented at graduation to a student who has been accepted at a four-year institution and who has demonstrated proficiency in at least one modern language and in English, and who best exemplifies excellence, perseverance, sensitivity and cooperation in the pursuit of his or her academic and personal goals.

David B. and Louise F. Chisholm Scholarship
Two awards of $400 each are presented at commencement to graduating students who demonstrate the most all-around achievement in scholarship, character, and civic responsibility, and plan to continue their education at a four-year institution.

Mary A. Christesen Memorial Award
An award of $50 is presented in memory of Mary A. Christesen to the graduating student with the highest academic achievement in the Associate degree Nursing curriculum.

Robert J. Condon Scholarship
This scholarship, in memory of a former professor at the college, is given to an outstanding graduating student who is majoring in Accounting or Computer Information Systems.

Marshall and Helen Cooke Memorial Scholarship
Established by Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Keyes, $250 is awarded to a deserving student selected by the President of the college.

James Dadakis Memorial Scholarship
In memory of his dedication to teaching and his devotion to his studies, a $250 scholarship is awarded each year to an outstanding Physics or Engineering Science graduating student.

Alfred B. Delbello Scholarship
$1,000 is presented at commencement to one or two full-time students who are residents of Westchester County. Its purpose is to enable the student(s) to continue at Westchester Community College or transfer to a four-year institution.

Vera Delgrosso Memorial Scholarship Award
This annual award of $1,000 is given by the college family in memory of Vera Delgrosso to an outstanding graduating student who plans to attend a four-year college, has demonstrated academic achievement and outstanding service to the college.

Harold L. Drimmer Scholarship
In honor of the distinguished former chairman of the college’s Board of Trustees, an award of $500 is made annually by the Foundation to an outstanding Westchester Community College graduate with financial need planning to continue his or her higher education.

Jeffrey A. Fischman Memorial Scholarship Award
In memory of Mr. Fischman’s dedication to the teaching profession, $200 is awarded to a graduating student who plans to pursue a career in education which involves working with children.

Letty Fisher Memorial Awards
These awards are presented to outstanding graduates of the Fashion Merchandising Program.

Dr. Julius Ford Award
$500 is awarded to an outstanding African American male student, who exemplifies Dr. Ford’s spirit of leadership and service. Dr. Julius Ford is the retired vice president and dean of students, who held this position for over 30 years.

Joseph T. Foster Memorial Award
In honor of a distinguished member of the business department, a $100 award is given to the business studies graduating student with the highest GPA and is funded through contributions from alumni, family, friends, and associates.

Prof. Stephen J. Friedman Memorial History Award
One or two awards of at least $600 each will be given to graduating students who have demonstrated an interest and excellence in history courses taken at the college. The recipient(s) should have taken at least three history courses and received a grade of A in two of them. Recipient(s) must intend to continue his or her education beyond Westchester Community College and should indicate a desire to expand his or her knowledge of history.

Anne Marie Glatzel Memorial Award
In memory of this distinguished Office Technologies professor, $100 is awarded to the graduating student in that curriculum who best exemplifies the character traits of appropriate business attitudes, professionalism, and scholarship, and who will pursue further education.

Arthur James Hackett Scholarship
$1,500 is awarded annually to a student graduating from either Engineering Science or Engineering Technologies who plans to continue his or her education in engineering or technology.

Dr. Joseph N. Hankin Public Speaking Award
This book award is given to two graduating students who have demonstrated excellence in public speaking and who have excelled in the Communications and Media Arts curriculum.

Leonard A. Harper Memorial Scholarship
Awarded to a graduate of the Educational Opportunity Center, a student with a B average or better who has been accepted at a college to continue his or her education, and has financial need.

Melvin Herman Human Service Memorial Award
Established by Professor Pauline Herman in memory of her husband, $100 is presented at commencement to a graduating student in Human Services who plans to continue his or her education.

Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Award
A diploma of achievement and a cash award are given to a student in Electrical Technology who is academically outstanding and has contributed to the IEEE Chapter at the college and to the Electrical Technology curriculum.

Italian Club Scholarship
A $200 scholarship is awarded to an outstanding student of Italian who is graduating from Westchester Community College and who has been an active member and/or officer of the Italian Club.

Andrew Joerg Memorial Award
Professor Ernest Joerg, in memory of his father, provides two texts of major importance to an outstanding graduating student in the Electrical Technology curriculum planning to continue his or her education in a four-year electrical or mechanical technology program.

Johanna Eva Joerg Achievement Award
$50 is given annually to an outstanding female student in Electrical Technology or Engineering Science majoring in Electrical Engineering or the Electronics certificate program. Recipient must achieve a GPA of 3.0 or better.

Dr. Calvin Johnson Jr. RRT Memorial Award (ADD)
This award is granted by the Respiratory Care faculty & the Johnson family to the Respiratory Care student who has demonstrated the personal attributes that exemplified Dr. Johnson’s character—leadership, enthusiasm, camaraderie, congeniality, warmth and kindness.

Martin Luther King Award
$500 is awarded by the Westchester Community College Foundation to a graduating minority student with an overall cumulative average of 3.0 or better. Criteria include good character, leadership qualities and evidence of outstanding service in promoting racial brotherhood.

John A. Kley Valedictorian Award
In honor of this former Foundation Board member, $500 is awarded annually by the Westchester Community College Foundation to the valedictorian.

Henry R. Korn Memorial Mathematics Award
This $100 award recognizes an outstanding student of mathematics with a GPA of 3.5 or higher and who demonstrates a continuing creative interest in mathematics.

Philip C. Martin Memorial Scholarship
In honor of the college’s first president, $200 is presented to a graduate who is the son, daughter, spouse, or parent of an alumnus/alumna.

New York State Society of Professional Engineers, Westchester County Chapter Award
A $1,000 scholarship is awarded to the outstanding Engineering Technology graduating student planning to pursue an engineering career. The award is based on scholastic achievement, potential and need. The scholarship will be paid to the engineering school of the student’s choice.

Lawrence Nugent Memorial Award
$400 is awarded to a graduating student who is actively involved in student government, has a high GPA, and plans to continue his or her education at a four-year institution.

PepsiCo Communications and Media Arts Scholarship
This $2,000 scholarship, donated by PepsiCo, is awarded to deserving students who have demonstrated academic excellence in the curriculum and have made outstanding contributions to the college in the area of communications.

Personal Development Award
One or more awards, given by anonymous donors, are presented to graduating students in recognition of demonstrated personal growth and development while at Westchester Community College.

Nicholas V. Petraglia Memorial Award
An award of $50 is presented to an outstanding graduating business student who has not only achieved academic success, but also has demonstrated strong leadership potential. The recipient should be a member of Alpha Beta Gamma honorary business society.

Phi Theta Kappa Gene Leon Memorial Scholarships
The chapter of Phi Theta Kappa, Alpha Iota Omicron presents one or more scholarships to deserving students who are members of Phi Theta Kappa and who intend to continue their education at a four-year college or university. The recipient(s) will have demonstrated the ideals of scholarship, service and perseverance that Gene Leon epitomized as a student at the college.

Nat A. Polito Memorial Award
An award of $25 is given to the outstanding Electronics certificate graduate based on academic achievement and participation in Electrical Society activities.

Joyce Pozsar Memorial Scholarship
Established by family and colleagues in memory of Ms. Pozsar, a manager of the bookstore, this scholarship of $400 recognizes a female student who has an excellent academic record and seeks to further her education in a professional field.

Willa Reichbach Human Services to Social Work Scholarship
This scholarship is awarded in honor of Professor Willa Reichbach to students who have completed their Associate degree in Human Services, and plan to go on to a Bachelor in Social Work.

Carmine L. Romano Memorial Award
The family, friends, colleagues and students of the late Professor Romano have established this memorial in his name. An award of $350 is given each year at commencement to an outstanding graduating Accounting student.

Carol Swidorski Russett Memorial Award
Two $500 scholarships are awarded to women who are either graduating from Westchester Community College or returning to continue their education at the college in order to assist them in achieving their full potential as professionals. The award remembers Dr. Russett and her forty-one years at the college as a student, staff member, professor, and administrator.

George Sands Award
In honor of George Sands, former curriculum chair of the Human Services Department, this award is given to a Human Services curriculum graduate who is going on to pursue a degree in social work.

William Snyder Memorial Award
This award was established by Consumers Union, publisher of Consumer Reports, in honor of Bill Snyder, CU engineer and former Westchester Community College faculty member who devoted his career to protecting consumers by testing products for safety. The recipient shall be a graduating student in Auto Technology who has demonstrated a commitment to competence and integrity in providing service to consumers.

Student Government Association Leadership Award (ADD)
These scholarships are awarded to two graduating students, who have demonstrated exemplary leadership abilities, and have a GPA of 3.0 or higher. One award is given to a male student, and another to a female student.

Julius Weiss Memorial Scholarships
These $500 awards, created by the Heckscher Foundation for Children in memory of this former Foundation Board member, are given to deserving Westchester Community College students under the age of twenty-one, or those who plan to pursue a career that involves working with children.

Westchester Community College Foundation Merit Scholarships
Several awards of $500 each are made to outstanding graduates who have been accepted to a four-year institution.

Westchester Community College Federation of Teachers (WCCFT) Scholarship
This $1,500 scholarship is awarded by the WCCFT to a student with a background or interest in the labor movement. Selection of the student is based on GPA and a 500-word essay on the importance of unions in the workplace. Application via the WCCFT.

Westchester Community College Foundation Special Incentive Awards
An award of $500 is given to graduating students who complete their education while coping with a unique situation or unusual difficulties.

Westchester County Chapter of Links Scholarship
A $300 scholarship is awarded to a graduating African American female who has been accepted in a human services oriented program at a four-year institution.

Westchester/Rockland Chapter of the New York State Restaurant Association Scholarship
A $500 scholarship is presented each year to a student in the Food Service Administration Restaurant Management Program. The award is based on academic achievement, financial need, and involvement in college and community hospitality events.

Westchester/Rockland Dietetic Association Award
$100 is awarded to a graduating student in the Dietetic Technician program. The recipient will have demonstrated scholarship, interest, commitment to, and competence in, dietetics.