Refund Policy

Refund Policy for Undergraduate Academic Courses

  • In the event the college cancels a course, 100% of tuition and refundable fees will be refunded. Please see the list of non-refundable fees below.
  • Depending on the length of the session and when the course is dropped by a student, the student will be refunded a percentage of tuition only (not fees), according to the schedule below.
  • As of the first day of any session (whether it be on the main campus, online or at an extension site), students who fail to make payment or other arrangements to cover their full account will be responsible for the charges incurred according to the refund schedule. If you do not plan on attending Westchester Community College, you must drop your classes prior to the first day of the semester in which you are registered in order to qualify for a 100% refund of tuition and refundable fees. If you do not, all tuition and fees are your responsibility.
  • Refunds are issued on the basis of credits registered for, and not the full time tuition. You will never be charged more than full time tuition

Refund Policy – 14 and 15 week semesters (Fall/Spring Semesters Including Distance Learning courses & 14 week Extension Sites)

 When Course Is Dropped Refund Amount
 Before official start of the semester. 100% *
 During the first week. 75% (Tuition Only)
 During the second week. 50% (Tuition Only)
 During the third week. 25% (Tuition Only)
 After the third week. No Refund

Please see list of non-refundable fees below

Refund Policy – Courses held for LESS than 14 weeks (Including Distance Learning & Summer courses)

 When Course Is Dropped Refund Amount
Before the official start date of the session (NOT the first class meeting) 100% *
First five calendar days of session 25% (Tuition Only)
As of the 6th day of the session. No Refund


NON Refundable Fees

All fees listed here are non-refundable:

Registration fee, Administrative Payment Plan fee, Application fee, Assessment fee, Add/Drop fees, Late Registration fee, Return Check Fee. Note: After the semester’s start date the FSA fees, FSA Equipment fee, FSA Cultural Arts fee, Paramedic fee, Lab fee, and other Malpractice Insurance fees. 

Appeals to the Refund Policy

If you wish to submit an appeal to the refund policy please visit the Refund Tuition Appeal or Medical Appeal Refund Request for more information.