Mission and Goals of the College

College Mission Statement

Westchester Community College provides accessible, high quality and affordable education to meet the needs of our diverse community. We are committed to student success, academic excellence, workforce development, economic development and lifelong learning.

Westchester Community College has established the following strategic goals and objectives to guide our mission and vision for the period of 2008-2013. These goals and objectives will be central in determining institutional strategies and commitment.

    Westchester Community College will provide access to the highest quality, student-centered environment to help students define and achieve their learning objectives and career goals.Objectives:
    1.1. Develop, implement and refine programs and services for new and at-risk students to improve student retention and success
    1.2. Expand data-driven enrollment management strategies to effectively recruit, retain and track student enrollment
    1.3. Optimize access to and participation in college programs and services
    Westchester Community College will offer curricula and programs that meet the dynamic educational needs of its diverse service area.Objectives:
    2.1. Collect and use data to drive curriculum and program development
    2.2. Create a collaborative process for college-wide decision-making regarding the development, expansion, and revision of curricula and programs, which considers the impact on space utilization, resources, faculty, extension sites and other existing programs.
    2.3. Provide opportunities for students to experience and appreciate differences, and to act and think globally
    2.4. Maintain and develop collaborative partnerships with K-12, college, business, and community organizations
    Westchester Community College will demonstrate its commitment to diversity, excellence and continuous improvement so all members of the college community can work collaboratively to achieve organizational excellence.Objectives:
    3.1. Attract and retain quality full-time and adjunct faculty, staff and administrators
    3.2. Sustain a culture that promotes and celebrates college values
    3.3. Commit to data-driven decision making in support of continuous improvement and institutional effectiveness
    Westchester Community College will keep pace with changing technologies to improve academic outcomes and to advance administrative tasks to increase efficiency.Objectives:
    4.1. Implement the existing academic technology five-year plan to create an instructional environment that supports faculty with up-to-date instructional technology
    4.2. Provide support for expanded distance learning initiatives.
    4.3. Maintain and upgrade the technology infrastructure in support of student learning, teaching, and support services
    4.4. Meet staffing needs as technologies change or are implemented to ensure adequate levels of support
    Westchester Community College will align its planning processes and resource allocation.Objectives:
    5.1. Connect strategic planning initiatives with resource allocation
    5.2. Strengthen the connections among planning initiatives to increase efficiency and impact
    5.3. Enhance the finance and budgeting processes to ensure transparency and collaboration
    Westchester Community College will seek resources to support college strategic priorities and develop effective and dynamic communication with internal and external constituencies.Objectives:
    6.1. Utilize the college’s strategic priorities to guide fundraising efforts
    6.2. Enhance resource development by pursuing funding from traditional sources while seeking alternative funding
    6.3. Advance the college’s visibility, positive image and branding through marketing, public relations and other communication strategies