Fall Session

Registration has begun!

We have instituted a new registration schedule for fall. Degree-seeking students with 48 credits or more may register as early as Monday, April 3. On April 6, degree-seeking students with 31+ credits can begin to register. Degree-seeking students with 30 credits or less may register on April 10. New degree-seeking students may start registering on April 17 (this includes first-time students and transfer students). On April 19, non-degree-seeking students and all others may begin the fall registration process.

Explore your interests, challenge your mind, get ahead in your studies, or get a head start.

No matter your reasons, spend your fall at Westchester Community College.

Fall Session Offerings

Primary 15-week Semester
Valhalla Campus & Online Education
Sept. 5 – Dec. 22

Extension Locations
Sept. 8 – Dec. 22
(Biology courses with labs offered in Ossining follow the Valhalla Campus and Online Classes schedule)

First 7.5 – Week Session
Sept. 5 – Oct. 26

Second 7.5 – Week Session
Oct. 30 – Dec. 21

12-Week Session
Sept. 25 – Dec. 22