9 Art Exhibitions 2023 Time Triptych Time Triptych is an audiovisual collaboration expressing conceptions of time, both on an individual level as artists and people, and in a broader global and cosmic sense. The paintings are 24” x 24” acrylic and mixed media on wood canvas. Composed as 30-second loops, the music allows you to move on to the next piece whenever you’re ready, or delve intothe layers and associations they may bring to mind. Distant Past expresses the powerful emotions that looking back can elicit, from cherished memories to buried traumas millennia of lifetimes, all now bygone eras. Present Moment conveys the sensation of connecting to mindful presence, though anxious thoughts may divide our focus. Distant Future depicts our spurious utopian fantasies, the jarring dystopian reality, and a lament for the end of nature. Scan with your phone camera to listen to music <QR Code> Headphones recommended! Medium: Mixed Media and Audio Size: 18x18”