10 Faculty & Staff Sherry Mayo My name is Sherry Mayo, and I hold a Master of Fine Arts from New York University and an Ed. D.C.T. in Art & Art Education from Teachers College Columbia University. With over twenty years of professional experience and work at SUNY Westchester Peekskill Center for the Digital Arts, I specialize in arts technology integration in education. At the Center, I am privileged to oversee programming and development and operations. I also teach in the Youth Arts Technology Program. In addition, I teach graduate MA and MAT students in Art Education at the School of Visual Arts, where I strive to inspire students with a passion for teaching and art making to experiment with technology. As an artist, my work revolves around both observed reality and memory of places and how they make you feel. I believe in working with personal symbology and layers of color and light as way to capture small moments in time to make meaning, and my creative process often involves both traditional and digital media. Through my art, I aim to create a visceral, unique, experience for the viewer. You can learn more about my journey and explore my portfolio @ I am excited to contribute to the faculty web page after the exhibition, enabling others to discover my work and connect with my artistic vision. For the exhibition, I will be showcasing Once Upon a View. This piece is based on an actual experience I had in a patch of woods but is more about how I felt than what I observed or rather is a mixture of both. It is a vinyl decal that I created in Adobe Illustrator. Once Upon a View Medium: Vinyl Decal, Digital Painting Size: 27x37”