7 Art Exhibitions 2023 Dorothy Posada Dorothy Posada is a Colombian American multi-media artist. Dorothy attended the ‘FAME’ school, presently known as LaGuardia High School for Music & Art and Performing Arts, a specialized high school. There she was able to get a wide range foundation in the arts including drawing, ceramics, oil painting, watercolors, and photography (dark room). She is an alumna of SUNY Westchester Community College, Visual Arts, A. A. S. (Graphic Design concentration) and Performing Arts (Dance concentration), A.A.S. Additionally, Posada holds a B.A. in Organizational Leadership and an M.B.A in Managerial Analytics. Dorothy has worked in diverse capacities such as graphic design, content creator, ballroom instructor, office manager, and account executive to name a few. She is presently the Assistant Director for the SUNY Westchester Peekskill Center and is also teaching a college success course, First Year Seminar, at the main campus in Valhalla. Sombrasmias is Dorothy’s artist name. Sombrasmias is a combination of two Spanish words; shadows and mine, translating loosely to ‘My Shadows’. The particular piece featured in this exhibit is called ‘Sombras Blancas’, a work of plaster on canvas manipulated to create a texture that emulates nature, producing light and dark, an homage to her ancestors and Mother Earth. ‘Sombras Blancas’ literally translates to white shadows, an oxymoron. Sombras Blancas (White Shadows) Medium: Plaster On Canvas Size: 18x40” (2)