15 Art Exhibitions 2023 Aaron Porter My name is Aaron Porter, and I hold an MFA in Painting from the University of Miami with over 30 years of professional experience and work at graphic art, illustration, and informational graphics. At the Center, I am privileged to teach Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator and Digital Painting at the Youth Arts Technology Program where I strive to inspire students to have fun with their art and take chances. I also teach Digital Imaging in the Interactive Technologies A.A.S. program. As an artist, much of my work these days revolves around the use of technology. You might say that I am taking a break from the pure creative aspects of art and seeing what I can do with digital art. Presently, I am doing lots of exploration with portraits in digital art with software like Photoshop and Krita. Often, I will watch streamed movies and shows on my computer and take screen shots of interesting faces. And I have been drawing lots of faces the past couple of years search for that organic feeling in a digital world. You can learn more about my journey and explore my portfolio I am excited to contribute to the Faculty web page after the exhibition, enabling others to discover my work and connect with my artistic vision. For the exhibition, I will be showcasing “The Dancer”. This piece is a printed digital portrait study that I did of a model. I photographed her and worked from the photo. My exploration was achieving an organic look with digital brushes. The work was painted in Photoshop. Dancer (Cara) Medium: Digital Photographic Print Size: 11x17”