Have you found your hoarde?

Have you earned your Viking horns?

It’s NEVER too late to join one of the 60+ active clubs and organizations at WCC. There is truly something for everyone. For a list of all the clubs sponsored on campus, check out the listing at the bottom of this page.

A club/organization is as a group of like-minded students who have created a formal operating charter with a unique mission.  Clubs/organizations are  student run with support and guidance provided by college faculty/staff/administrators, referred to as Advisors.  These groups are formally recognized approval by the Student Government Association and/or Department of Student Involvement.

If you have an idea for a new club or organization, visit the How to Start a Club/Organization link found below.

As a club member you will:

  • Make new friends
  • Complement academic work
  • Develop leadership skills
  • Learn about a new culture
  • Meet other students with similar interests, hobbies or skills
  • and more!

Clubs/Organization Resources


Club/Organization Listing

Most clubs/organizations will meet during Wednesdays during the Common Hour (11:00am – 1:00pm)
The meeting rooms listed below are assigned to clubs during the Common Hour.To confirm the meeting time and location of a club, or to learn more, email the Advisor, listed below.

Club/Organization Office Advisor Advisor Email
Student Government Association (SGA) STC-290 Adam Frank
Tiago Machado

Club/Organization Office Advisor Advisor Email
Westchester Events Board (WEB) STC-284 Rachele Hall
 Tiago  Machado

Club/Organization Office Advisor Advisor Email
Orientation Leader/ Peer Advisor (OL/PA) Ask for application in STC-103 Adam Frank
Rachele Hall

Club/Organization Meeting Room Advisor Advisor Email
Accounting Club CLA-307 Carolyn Christesen 
Alpha Beta Gamma (ABG) GTW-368 John Christesen
Chemistry Club SCI-245 Jody Reifenberg 
Chi Alpha Epsilon(XAE) CLA-108 Ellen Zendman 
Criminal Justice Club CLA-205 Stephen Arienta
Culinary Arts Club TEC-0013K Desi Colon 
Cyber Security Club CLA-306 Robert Albano
John Watkins
Digital Film Club Library – 146 Craig Padawar
Early Childhood CLA-307 Mary Lou Sgro 
Energy Systems TBA Bertram Van Inwegen
Engineering Club TEC-0026/156 Kary Ioannou 
Entrepreneurship & Networking GTW-374 Scorpio Rogers 
Fashion & Style Society GTW-376 Stacy Scibelli 
Foods & Nutrition Club TEC-13K Theresa Schlanger
Future Nurses Club HSB-002 Norma Katz
Global Business Club GTW-369 Edward Hengel
Human Services Club CLA-209 Kathleen Pressler 
Law Society LIB-G57 Kristyan Gilmore
Math Club TEC-143 Matthew Rogala
Medical Pre-Professional Society SCI-218 JoAnn Gala
New Media Group CLA-102 Deborah Krikun
Office Technologies CLA-305 Janet Ranucci 
OMEGA (Computer Science) Tec-116 Robert Sciabbarrasi
Phi Theta Kappa Honors Society CLA-208 Robin Graff 
Iskra Hernandez
Rachele Hall
Philosophia Honors Society LIB-320 Dwight Goodyear 
Patricia Sehulster
Psychology Club TBD Kamil Hamaoui
Radiology Club HSB-13 Hildy Oberstein
Respiratory Therapy Club HSB-007 Mark Hanna 
TRIO Club SCI-371 Noelle Bucci
Rita Slavin
Veterinary Technician Club HSC-0013 Megan Moore

Club/Organization Meeting Room Advisor Advisor Email
Asian Club GTW-135 Max Lee
Black Student Union CLA-105 Christolyn Williams 
Brazilian Club CLA-104 John Watkins
Club Jamaica SCI-346 Steve Nardozzi
El Club Hispano-Americano (ECHA) GTW-229 Adis Fazzino
European Club GTW-139 John Christesen
GLOW (LGBT Organization) Contact Advisor Tiago Machado
Italian Club GTW-141 Frank Maddalena
International Friendship Club GTW-140 Towanda Mathurin 
Muslim Student Club CLA-103 Habiba Khokhar 
Peruvian Club TEC-110 Rick Hyland
Women’s Student Union SCI-370 Eryn Klosko

Club/Organization Meeting Room Advisor Advisor Email
American Sign Language Club TBA Angeliki Parashis
Anime Club CLA-204 Shelly Garnet
Creative Writing Club AAB-511 Christine Timm
DG Media GTW-133 Margie Giglio
Economic Leadership Organization GTW-133 Rick Hyland
EMS Club SCI-318 Steve Nardozzi 
Making a Difference TEC-13G Paula Dambroff
Political Activist Club CLA-203 George Keteku
Salsa on2 Dance Club TEC-13H Peter Pagan 
Student Alumni Association Contact Advisor Iris Cook
Success Team AAB-415 Jon King
Lori Murphy
United Nations Team TBA George Keteku
Veteran’s Club AAB-308 Josh Gaccione
Allan Seward
WARY FM Radio STC-013 Bill Winters 
Radames Ocasio
Yonkers Activity Council Yonkers Extension Site Joseph Cooke

Club/Organization Meeting Room Advisor Advisor Email
Viking Newspaper STC-014 Don Gregory
Vedandi Contact Advisor James Werner
INK Contact Advisor Christine Timm 
International Voices Contact Advisor Kent Trickel

Club/Organization Meeting Room Advisor Advisor Email
Art Club AAB-402 Carla Rae Johnson
Dance Club AAB-218 Roxanne Santiago
Drama Club AAB-210 Steven Riedel

Gospel Choir

TBD Ruth Levy

Club/Organization Office Advisor Phone
Baseball GYM-03 Larry Massaroni 606-7895
Bill McClure 606-7895
Basketball (M) GYM-03
Basketball (W) GYM-02
Bowling (M&W) PE Office Walter Hauck 606-6180
Golf (M) PE Office Walter Hauck 606-6180
Soccer (M) PE Office John KaKavas 606-6950
Softball (W) PE Office
Volleyball (W) GYM-03 Greg Finley 606-7875