Registration for Spring classes

Nov.24, 2015

Spring registration has begun. Click here for more information.

Pay for classes when you register or risk having your classes dropped. Click here for the Spring schedules of payment due dates and drop dates.


Course Evaluations

Nov.23, 2015

The Course Evaluation Period is November 30 through December 16, 2015
Please take a few minutes to complete your anonymous survey(s). Your feedback is important to your professors!

FIRST, ACCESS THE <mycourseval LINK:


1. Log into <mycourseval by entering your WCC user ID and password

2. You will see your list of available surveys. Then click on Take Survey

3. The survey will open and you’ll see all the available questions. Submit when finished

4. If more than one of your courses has been selected, you may continue on with the next survey or return to the <mycourseval link later.

HELP is available at: or call 914 606-5600.

Thank you for participating!



Annual President’s Forum hosted Kissinger and Burns

Nov.13, 2015

HENRY A. KISSINGER:  Former United States Secretary of State, National Security Advisor, diplomat and political scientist, whose opinion continues to be sought by Presidents and world leaders. Prolific author of books on politics and international relations, Dr. Kissinger is currently founder and chairman of Kissinger Associates, an international consulting firm.

WILLIAM J. BURNS:  Former United States Deputy Secretary of State who holds the highest rank in the Foreign Service, Career Ambassador. Dr. Burns was Ambassador to Russia and Jordan, and was Assistant Secretary of State for Near Eastern Affairs.  He speaks Russian, Arabic and French and is currently President of the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace.

LESTER CRYSTAL:  Long time Executive Producer of the PBS NewsHour and former President of MacNeil Lehrer Productions was the moderator.




Nov.12, 2015

DegreeWorks is a web-based advising tool to help students, faculty and counselors track a student’s completion of academic program requirements, determine course selections, track progress toward graduation, and use “what-if” scenarios to see how courses already taken would apply to a different major. DegreeWorks is user-friendly, has helpful visual cues for completion and can even be accessed from smart phones.

The use of DegreeWorks is part of larger State University of New York initiative so that “every student will have fundamental degree planning services at every institution with the ability online for students considering transfer to assess degree progress at other SUNY institutions” (SUNY Degree Planning Initiative).  The college has been working on this implementation for almost one year is has held training sessions for Deans, Chairs, faculty, staff, student leaders, and students. Training sessions will be ongoing through the spring 2015 semester.

To access DegreeWorks go to; specific questions may be directed to Please note that DegreeWorks will show full degree audits for students who matriculated into a Westchester Community College degree program plans from fall 2013 on.


Thanksgiving week classes

Nov.12, 2015

As a result of the late Labor Day this year, please note we have adjusted the fall calendar to account for the required number of hours required per course for the 15-week courses on the Valhalla campus that begin before 5:00 pm:

  • Tuesday, November 24
    • Valhalla DAY sections that meet on Tuesdays will NOT meet on this date.
    • Valhalla DAY sections that meet normally on Thursdays WILL meet on this date.
  • Wednesday, November 25
    • Valhalla DAY sections that meet on Wednesdays will NOT meet on this date.
    • Valhalla DAY sections that meet normally on Fridays WILL meet on this date.
  • 7-week, evening, weekend and all off-campus sections will not change meeting days as above.



Common Read Events

Nov.04, 2015

Join Westchester Community College community in reading, Double Take: A Memoir by Kevin Michael Connolly. 

Kevin Conolly Presentation

Thursday – November 19, 2015

Talk at 11:00 AM

Academic Arts Theatre

2:00 pm Book signing Event in Student Center

Extension Centers will be live streaming the event.

Watch the event live by clicking here.




Davis scholar addresses world issues

Nov.01, 2015

“When I moved to the USA, it was challenging at first but I am grateful for all the support I received from my family, friends, professors, and tutors. Here at Westchester Community College, I discovered more about myself and the value of extracurricular activities. My dream is to help my home country fight hunger and poverty in Africa. Through my group project with the college’s Katherine Davis Scholars Program, I gained more experience in addressing this issue.”

Kyria Aho, Westchester Community College co-valedictorian, 2015



Sexual Discrimination Policies

Oct.24, 2015

We have updated our polices on Sexual Discrimination. Click here for information on the policies.


Former basketball coach

Oct.22, 2015

The college issued the following statement regarding questions about a former basketball coach.

Westchester Community College affirms its commitment to the highest standards of academic integrity. We have fully cooperated with the investigation and express our appreciation to the District Attorney’s office for its thoroughness in this matter. In September, the college brought on board a new athletic director, Michael Belfiore, who brings more than a decade of experience leading programs for scholar athletes in collegiate and national athletic association roles. His leadership has already begun to shape the future direction of the basketball teams and all of our athletic programs with an emphasis on student success.


CSEA Staff Contract

Oct.21, 2015

There are many complicated factors involved in contract negotiations. We collaborated with the County during this process. Our analysis did not indicate the need for a tuition increase for our students. We look forward to further discussion with our employees and all parties on behalf of the County and the college.