Honors Program

  • Open to full-  and part-time incoming, continuing and transfer students. Ongoing admission process.
  • 3.25 college GPA or credit-level placement scores required for admission
  • Available to students enrolled in all WCC curricula/majors
  • Students are welcome to choose one or more Honors courses if they meet the prerequisites. Those who complete at least four Honors courses (12 Honors credits) and maintain 3.25 GPA minimum receive “The Honors Program Graduate” designation on their WCC transcript and diploma.
  • Students are eligible for tiered internal Honors scholarships and increase their chances of securing competitive external scholarships

Honors College

  • Open only to cohorts of 18 top-performing high-school graduates admitted in February for a full two-year program of study starting the following September.
  • Admission criteria include 3.5 high-school GPA, competitive WCC placement scores, a strong record of achievement
  • Currently limited to Liberal Arts-Humanities and Liberal Arts-Social Science. To be available soon in Business, Cybersecurity  and Engineering.
  • As part of their overall curriculum requirements, students must take eight Honors courses (24 Honors credits) specifically designed for their major. 3.5 GPA is required for graduation with the Honors-Designated Degree.
  • Full tuition coverage (subject to financial aid received), textbook stipends, and complimentary  laptops are offered to all 18 students in each cohort.

Honors Program and Honors College offer:

  • Small classes in a seminar format
  • Intellectually engaging topics designed to nurture critical thinking and in-depth exploration of meaningful concepts and current issues
  • Highly motivated peers who are passionate about learning
  • Award-winning exceptionally caring professors dedicated to mentoring their students
  • Exciting co-curricular opportunities, including summer study abroad at Cambridge University in England, student conferences, symposia, student publications, internships, membership/leadership in the WCC Honors student club Philosophia Society
  • Assistance with transfers to competitive four-year colleges and universities. WCC Honors Program alumni have been accepted at Yale, Dartmouth, Columbia, Cornell, Smith, Vassar, NYU, Sarah Lawrence as well as all SUNY campuses and local colleges.

For more information contact the Honors Co-Directors: