Honors Program

Honors Program – your ticket to a rich intellectual life and transfer to a leading four-year institution

  • Is your ultimate goal to transfer to a four-year school?
  • Do you want universities to compete for you?
  • Are you excited by the intellectual challenge of courses that will expand your mind?
  • Would you like to share classes with the very best students and instructors who will help you reach your utmost potential?

If so, join our Honors Program.

The Honors Program at Westchester Community Collegeis the best way for you to challenge yourself.  The program, which has grown in size to approximately 150 participants, provides for special courses directed toward Honors students only. These classes move quickly, go into greater depth, and allow for a rich learning experience. In addition, the program gives a select number of students the opportunity to study at the renowned Cambridge University in England.

The Honors Program is also the best way to ensure transfer to a four-year university. Many students in the program go on to the nation’s leading institutions upon graduation.  Honors Program graduates have transferred to colleges and universities including Columbia, Cornell, Middlebury, NYU, Smith, Sarah Lawrence, Fordham, and Pace. A number of these students even received large scholarships that helped them continue their education.  Approximately 90 percent of the students in the program get accepted to their college of choice.

Why Students Find the Honors Experience So Valuable

  • Small classes in a seminar format, exciting topics
  • Talented, exceptionally caring professors
  • Highly-motivated classmates who are passionate about learning
  • Scholarships, internships, student conferences and publication opportunities

Who Is Eligible?

  • Full- and part-time students, 3.25 GPA minimum, any major
  • Transferring students with 3.25 GPA minimum
  • Incoming students with strong placement scores

How To Apply

  • Fill out and submit electronically the Westchester Community College Honors Program Application.
  • Application forms are also available in the Honors Corner, LIB-3rd floor. Pick up an application at your convenience, fill it out and slide it under the door of either of the Honors Co-Directors (LIB 318 or LIB 319).
  • Within a week you will be contacted by mail or phone. If you are admitted, you will be invited for an informal meeting during which we will plan your Honors course of study.

Where To Get More Information

For more information about the Honors Program or available Honors Courses students should contact either of the Honors Co-Directors: