Wireless Access Points – Asgard

Important Note About Access Points:

As a convenience to students and visitors, Westchester Community College provides Internet access through wireless access points, known as the Asgard wireless network, throughout campus and wired jacks at designated locations in the Library.

Use of Asgard is governed by the Computer Usage Policy of the college, which all students are required to read and agree to upon enrollment.

These wireless connections are isolated from the Westchester Community College data network, but they do not provide protection from others who use the same campus wireless access points or wired jacks in the Library; all such users, in the jargon of networks, are unauthenticated; that is, they are connecting to the Internet without logging on to a local area network node and identifying themselves as authorized users of the Westchester Community College-protected local area network.

When you attach to the Internet using these facilities, you must protect yourself against other users by practicing safe computing. This means that at a minimum, you should have:

  1. Up-to-date virus protection
  2. All Windows security patches installed

For more information about safe computing practices, see Protecting Your System.

In no case is Westchester Community College responsible for data loss resulting from the use of the wireless access points or student-accessible connections.