Workforce Development & Community Education

2 | Visit us online at Westchester Community College offers a number of pathways to help you prepare for a new career! You can get the skills and knowledge you need by enrolling in a non-credit program, or earn college credits through one of our degree or certificate programs.  Perhaps you are not sure what people do or how much money they earn in certain careers?  Would you like to know how many jobs are predicted to be available in a particular industry?  Or maybe you are unsure whether receiving a non-credit career certification or license would be right for you? Visit to explore a variety of career opportunities, their associated job descriptions, and salary and employment trends. Complete a career assessment for additional guidance. Still not sure? Visit for more career resources and contacts. Dear Westchester Friends and Neighbors: Welcome to Westchester Community College’s Division of Workforce Development and Community Education Fall 2019 Catalog. This is the perfect opportunity to prepare for a new career or to update your current skills. You will find something for everyone here; we offer a mix of career and work-related opportunities as well as options for your cultural and leisure-time enrichment. Our classes are available on your schedule: day, evening, weekends, and even online. Seasoned instructors with professional experience in their fields teach all of our courses. With our focus on helping you explore a new career, upgrade your current portfolio or prepare for certification in a new and growing field, we are certain you will find what you need here. Explore opportunities in commercial and residential real estate sales, insurance, writing for publication, 3D animation or opening your own business. Our classes can help you prepare for a career in healthcare areas such as clinical or administrative medical assistant, phlebotomy technician, and home health aide. Attain the skills needed for employment in fields like fiber optics, advanced manufacturing, or home inspection. Prepare for certification exams in computer application fields or notary public, or become certified in mold assessment and remediation, or as a dietary manager. We also offer a wide variety of options for lifelong learning. Explore local Westchester lore and history, crafts, and writing your memoirs or learn guitar, piano or hip-hop. Delve into your inner you! From aqua-cycling, cardio kickboxing and judo to learning a new language; from native plant gardening, to mindfulness and meditation; from how to choose a financial advisor, to learning improvisation; from world history to digital photography, we have it all. Please join us and become part of our stimulating and exciting community of learners. Teresita B. Wisell Vice-President, Workforce Development and Community Education WELCOME!