2 Faculty & Staff Gerry Katzban My name is Gerry Katzban, and I hold Masters degrees in Art and in Environmental Conservation Education from New York University. With over 30 years of professional experience in the design field I have worked on projects in graphics, motion graphics, video production, UI/UX design, and industrial design. I’m also a professional photographer. At the Center, I am privileged to teach courses in photography, digital imaging, video editing, and visual effects, where I inspire students to strive to expand their creativity, capabilities and professionalism. As a photographic artist, my work revolves around a wide variety themes, particularly inspired by nature, science and technology. Through careful observation, research, and a lot of experimentation I try to report on the beauty, design, or significance of what I see. As a designer, I make every effort to understand my client and their desired outcomes, and then work to achieve results that exceed their expectations. You can learn more about what I do and explore my portfolio @ I’ll be contributing to the faculty web page after the exhibition, enabling others to discover what I do. For the exhibition, I will be showcasing five photographic works, focusing on nature and urban themes. These range from close-ups to wide-angle views. In all cases there is a shift from simply documenting the scene to representing it with an artistic intent. This may be conversion to black & white (Maidenhair Ferns and Ice Bubbles) or applying a graphic treatment (Newburgh on the Hudson River and Winter Pond), or simply framing the subject in a way that presents a curious vision that may go unnoticed (Peekskill Reflections). I hope you enjoy the great diversity of work in this show and get to meet its creators! Peekskill Reflections Medium: Giclee Print Size: 5x7”