17 Art Exhibitions 2023 Medium: A short video Clip from the video game Skull and Bonds, released earlier 2023. Skull and Bones John Contreras My name is John Contreras and I have a Masters Degree in Game Design from New York Institute of Technology. With over 15 yrs. of professional experience and currently working at UBI Soft, I specialize in Game Development. At the Center, I am privileged to teach Game Design, where I strive to inspire students with a passion for living out their dreams to become a game designer. As an artist, my work revolves around overseeing other designers work before final approval. I believe in being organized and straight forward to the point, and my creative process often involves a tremendous amount of time to proofread. Through my art, I aim to produce a perfect game without any errors. You can learn more about my journey and explore my portfolio @ I am excited to contribute to the faculty web page after the exhibition, enabling others to discover my work and connect with my artistic vision. Piece of Coding from Rayman 2