Guide to Ordering Official Transcripts

Overview 4
How it works 4
Create an account 5
Order your transcript 7
Track your transcript 12
Transcript statuses 13
Account settings 14
Add email addresses and/or merge accounts 15
Add email addresses 15
Merge multiple accounts 16
The Common App 18
Payment and refunds 19
Refund policy 19
Parent/guardian accounts 20
What is a Parent/guardian account? 20
Add a child to a parent/guardian account 20
Order a transcript for a child 20
Store a copy of your transcript in your account 21
Share your credentials (dubbed ‘Parchment’) 22
What is a Parchment? 22
What can I do with my Parchment? 22
Share on LinkedIn 24
Share on Facebook 24
Email your Parchment 25
FAQs 28
My transcript has not been received. 28
How do I add another school? 28
How do I remove a school? 29
Can I have my own account if I’m under 18? 29
I accidentally entered the wrong address. What should I do? 29
How do I make changes to my account (email address, home address, etc)? 29
The information on my transcript is incorrect. What should I do? 29
What if my transcript is not available electronically? 29
How do I send a paper transcript if I only see an option to send electronically? 30
How do I send my transcript to a particular individual at the college I am applying to? 30
Please explain the private/public switch in the Credential/Parchment section. 30
What information appears on my Parchment? 30
I selected overnight/FedEx delivery but my order has not been received yet. 30
How does the delivery of electronic transcripts work? 30
I received an email that said the recipient did not confirm the download. 31
Contact information 32