Workforce Development and Community Education: Summer 2024

37 Would You Like to Begin a College Degree or Certificate Program? If you have completed or are now completing ELI level 5 (or have an equivalent level of English proficiency) and are considering enrolling in a college/university program, email to make an appointment with a TESOL specialist to discuss your future studies. We will help you answer the question: Am I ready for college? We will evaluate your English language ability and, if appropriate, provide a referral necessary for entrance to the college. Even if you are not completely ready for college, you may be able to begin an undergraduate certificate or degree program while you continue improving your English. Our general ESL programs and specialized ESL courses have helped many ESL learners succeed in college and achieve their academic goals. IN-PERSON AND REMOTE TESOL Certificate Program Learn to teach English to adult speakers of other languages! (see page 15 for details) IN-PERSON Citizenship Exam Preparation Workshop Designed for students whose English is at least at a highbeginning level (ELI Level 3+). Learn about American history, government, and practice your English skills as you prepare for the civics and English portions of the US Citizenship Exam. ELI-ESL 1860-F, 6 Thurs., May 23–June 27, 9:15 am-12:15 pm, GTW-110, FREE but you must pay $9.75 in fees. *For course availability and schedules, call Eileen McKee, Welcome Center Director, at 914-606-5626. HOW TO REGISTER FOR ENGLISH LANGUAGE LEARNER COURSES WHEN CAN I REGISTER? Registration for Summer 2024 English Language Learner courses opens March 25, 2024. HOW DO I REGISTER? Use the Pre-Registration Form at After we receive it, we will call you to answer your questions, to help you select your course, and to collect payment. Additional costs: (Registration and FSA fee paid once per semester) $9.75 per semester ($4.75 FSA fee + $5 registration fee) If you prefer to call first: Call 914-606-6656. Monday through Thursday, 9:00 am-8:00 pm; Friday, 9:00 am-4:30 pm; Saturday, 8:30-4:00 pm. NY/Westchester County Residency: All ESL tuition rates in this section are NY resident rates. Residents have lived in New York for one year or more. Non-residents are welcome but pay a 166% non-resident surcharge in addition to the regular tuition. Call 914-6066656 for information. [Note: These courses do not pay the non-resident surcharge: 3001, 3002, and 3003 (TESOL), 1210, 1420, 1524.] Placement Test: (to determine your English level) Testing is required if you are new to our program or did not take the ESL final test in fall 2023 or spring 2024. New students are placed by exam (registration required to take placement test). Placement test for remote classes is given online using Zoom. Placement tests will be done in-person for all Valhalla courses, online using Zoom for remote classes, and online using Zoom for courses at all other SUNY WCC locations. Testing information, Zoom access information, and appointments will be provided when you register. ESL courses in Summer 2024 are in-person and remote. Remote classes use Zoom, Google Classroom, and other technologies. SUNY Westchester Community College English Language Institute  914-606-6656   HOW TO REGISTER FOR MOST COURSES IN THIS BOOKLET Register by phone: call 914-606-6830 and press 1 (unless a class description indicates otherwise) Monday through Thursday, 9:00 am-6:45 pm; Friday, 9:00 am-4:30 pm SUNY Westchester Community College Workforce Development and Community Education  914-606-6830   WDCE is going green! This is the last full course catalog booklet you will receive. Don’t miss the opportunity to join a class or program, please share your information with us online at or scan this QR code.