Workforce Development and Community Education: Spring 2023

41 | COVID-19 vaccination requirements for in-person classes at Textbook Required Special Collaborative Cooking Classes at Zwilling Cooking Studio These classes take place at the Zwilling Cooking Studio, 270 Marble Avenue, Pleasantville, 914-749-3406, Email:, Known for German knives and kitchenware, the US headquarters and Bernard Janssen, Executive Chef and Culinary Program Manager is excited to host you in their state-of-the-art food education facility. Prepare and share a meal in their beautiful space. Beer and wine will be available for purchase and soft drinks provided. The cooking studio offers their own classes throughout the year so check their current schedule. Special class treat—shop with a substantial discount on all Zwilling products listed on the website or in their onsite retail shop (sale items excluded). Receive a 10% discount on Cooking Studio Gift Cards for you or a friend! IMPORTANT: To avoid financial losses in materials, staff and food, class registration ($21) and sampling fees ($30) must be paid in advance and have a no refund policy. The deadline to pay both registration and sampling fees is at least one week in advance or you will not be considered registered and cannot attend. There are no refunds on any of the fees for these special in studio classes. Enrollment is EASY, please follow these steps:  Call SUNY WCC to register for the listed class and pay the $21 course fee. 914-606-6830 x1.  Receive a discount code enabling you to pay the $30 sampling fee, a special SUNY WCC rate.  Register or Login to  Sign up for the class date you registered with SUNY WCC using your Discount Coupon Code.  You will get a confirmation email once paid.  You must show this email to attend class. Zwilling Cooking Studio: Vegetarian—Nourished for Life with Northern Westchester Hospital (NWH)! Kicking off Nutrition Month with a lesson on wholesome cooking starting with the basics. Join us in this special state of the art test kitchen to share healthy food education. In this hands-on workshop, chef will guide us in basic knife skills used for properly preparing vegetables and grains into tasty dishes as we help to prepare the recipes using Zwilling kitchen products. Learn the importance of plant-based, fiber-rich meals as a way to protect your health from both a visiting physician and nutritionist from NWH, who will be present for questions. A lesson on properly preparing Quinoa for a fiber and protein packed “white” salad—Belgium endive, fennel, apple, goat cheese, and crunchy quinoa. Alliums are a nutritious part of this lesson on perfectly creating risotto any night of the week— leeks, peas, lemon and Parmesan cheese. Enjoy a sweet treat while discovering the merits of using sous vide (a water bath) and knife skills to prep pineapple for this special dessert— spiced caramel sauce over vanilla ice cream. After cooking we will adjourn to their beautiful dining space. Healthy eating begins with new food education on the importance of plantbased, fiber rich meals as a way to protect your health. This is hands-on action to help prepare this 3-course shared meal. 1 Tues., Mar. 21, 5:30-8:30 pm, $21 (+ $30 paid in advance sampling fee to Zwilling). #20155 Zwilling Cooking Studio: Chef B’s Kitchen Essentials! During this class, Chef will prepare four dishes and go over at least 15 Zwilling Kitchen essential products, from cutlery to cookware to tools and electronic equipment. You will learn how to choose the correct cookware for specific dishes. Learn the ins and outs of cooking in Staub cast iron cookware, and multi layered Demeyere stainless steel pans. Discover features and benefits of the family of Zwilling products. Learn about better preparation to reduce food waste using the Zwilling Fresh & Save system. Enjoy a delicious meal prepared by our chef consisting of : leek potato lemon soup and mini croutons, seared salmon with grilled asparagus and Hollandaise sauce, sous vide Hanger steak with caramelized onion cream, in a mushroom vermouth sauce and roasted carrots. A beautiful “how to” on dessert—vanilla panna cotta, pineapple, caramel and pistachio nuts. This is a full demonstration and not a hands-on class and this 4-course shared meal will be served. 1 Tues., Apr. 4, 5:30-7:30 pm, $21 (+$30 paid in advance sampling fee to Zwilling). #20162 Zwilling Cooking Studio: Hands-on Knife Skills Chop Chop! Chef will introduce us to the fundamentals of expert knife skills. “What makes a great knife and how do I use it?” An interactive demonstration and discussion on what makes a quality knife and which knife to use for every task. You will practice skills including: the circular rocking motion, julienne, brunoise, dicing, supreme citrus, mincing herbs, and using a filet knife for many tasks, along with information on how to clean and maintain your knives. Bring reseal-able plastic bags to take your practice-chopped veggies home to make a great soup! This is hands-on instruction on proper knife handling and light fare will be enjoyed. 1 Tues., Apr. 18, 5:30-7:30 pm, $21 (+$30 paid in advance sampling fee to Zwilling). #20165