Workforce Development and Community Education: Spring 2023

1 | COVID-19 vaccination requirements for in-person classes at CAREER & WORKFORCE TRAINING Careers in Specialized Fields 2 Center for Real Estate Education 6 Center for Insurance Education 6 Careers in Healthcare 7 Careers in Writing & Publishing 8 Continuing Professional Education 9 Computers, Microsoft Office & Information Technology 10 Technology Courses for Business Productivity 14 Interactive Design & Digital Arts 15 Business, Work & College Success 20 Corporate Training 21 Online Learning with Ed2Go 23 LIFELONG LEARNING & PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT Nature & the Environment 24 The Writing Center 26 Languages 26 Mainstream 28 Collegium 29 Local Lore & Regional History 29 Eras of History 29 Culture & Society 29 Visual Arts & Music Appreciation 30 Performing Arts 31 Finances & Retirement Planning 34 Wine & Food Exploration 35 A Taste of Westchester 36 Health & Wellness 42 Sports & Fitness 43 Self-awareness 45 Of Special Interest 46 Community Arts 46 ENGLISH FOR SPEAKERS OF OTHER LANGUAGES English Language Institute 48 REGISTRATION AND OTHER INFORMATION Tips and Information 53 Refund Policy 54 Registration Form 54 TABLE OF CONTENTS Dear Westchester Friends and Neighbors, Welcome to SUNY Westchester Community College’s Division of Workforce Development and Community Education Spring 2023 Catalog. I invite you to consider taking care of your own mind, body, and spirit by enrolling in any one of our spring offerings. Work and learning environments do not look the same today as they did several years ago. For some, returning to in-person work and learning has been re-energizing, while others have come to enjoy using virtual modalities to gather with colleagues and peers. That is why this spring, our offerings will include a combination of remote and in-person classes. We continue to offer a mix of career and work-related opportunities as well as options for your cultural and leisure-time enrichment. We continue to provide classes that fit your schedule—day, evenings, and weekends. Whether in person or via Zoom, our experienced and professional instructors have prepared well to create stimulating experiences. All classes are clearly designated as remote or in-person. With our focus on helping you explore a new career, upgrade your current portfolio, or prepare for certification in a new and growing field, we are certain you will find what you need here. Our classes can prepare you for a career in high-demand fields such as healthcare, information technology, or real estate. We also offer a wide variety of remote options for lifelong learning. Explore history, crafts, and writing your memoirs-or learn guitar, piano, or acting. From learning a new language to preparing for your financial future, we have it all. I encourage you to join other learners while taking time to build your skills or fill your spirit. Let SUNY Westchester Community College show you how. Teresita B. Wisell Vice-President, Workforce Development and Community Education WELCOME! COVID-related information and safety protocols are explained at Non-credit classes in this brochure, unless otherwise noted, | are intended for adult students (18+) only. Questions? Email us at To register, call 914-606-6830 press 1 or visit us at Textbook Required