Workforce Development and Community Education: Spring 2023

17 | COVID-19 vaccination requirements for in-person classes at REMOTE 3D Animation Certificate-252 Hrs This online, non-credit certificate program is an intensive course of study over two semesters beginning in the fall. The culminating experience will be the creation of a demo reel for their portfolio to show employers or schools in order to continue on their career paths. Demo reels will be exhibited in a certificate completion exhibition. This certificate program will take students through the 3D animation production pipeline and cover many facets of 3D creation. From modeling assets and characters to animating and final rendering, this certificate will guide you through the fundamental principles of 3D animation. Whether you are interested in film, video games, or commercial work, these courses will get you on the right trajectory. Prepare for an intensive exploration! Prerequisite: Basic computer knowledge. Students must register for the entire program at time of registration. To register for certificate program classes, you must call 914-606-7300 or email Carmen Marrinan at For non-credit course descriptions, visit us at NEW! REMOTE Certificate in User Experience Design (UX)-93 Hrs User Experience Design is a online non-credit certificate that prepares graduates for working in interactive technologies and provides them with industry literacy through applied practice. The program will offer a foundation in user experience strategies, design thinking, and interactive design. Students will acquire skills in user research, site-mapping, wire-framing, prototyping, web programming, UX Career Development, etc. Students can also complete a portfolio course where they will create finished examples of their work to show prospective employers facilitated by a professional industry UX designer. Prerequisite: Basic computer experience. Students may register for the entire program at time of registration. Register for the entire certificate for $1,668! To register for certificate program classes, you must call 914-606-7300 or email Carmen Marrinan at Design Thinking This course will apply design thinking best practices to develop websites and mobile applications for commercial or public industries. Students will learn how to be a design thinking facilitator and a UX/UI designer in a collaborative team environment that will utilize human-centered techniques to solve complex problems and discover innovative solutions for interactive media. With hands-on examples and tutorials, students will better understand how to design effective websites and mobile applications for diverse end-users. CE-DGART 2073PE, 7 Thurs., Jan. 19-Mar. 2, 6:30-9:30 pm, $367. User Experience Fundamentals Learn about the field of user experience and the essential principles of human-centered design, including design architecture and its application. Discuss the human factors that impact design; how to start a mapping project; how to conduct user experience research; and how to use diagrammatic tools to succeed. User Experience Fundamentals required for User Experience Design Portfolio. CE-DGART 2092PE, 7 Mon., Jan. 23-Mar. 13 (skip 2/20), 6:30-9:30 pm, $367. UX Design Web Programming and Development This course will include wire-framing and designing your prototype with Sketch and InVision. Once their prototype is complete, students will create a website with WordPress learning HTML, CSS, JavaScript programming languages. Students will utilize a WYSIWYG editor and code generator. The course will focus on front end web development to actualize dynamic web pages. Students will utilize a variety of web tools and resources in this course. In addition, students will use responsive design templates that take into consideration mobile devices. CE-DGART 2106PE, 7 Sun., Mar. 5-23 (skip 4/9), 10:00 am-1:00 pm, $367. User Experience Design Portfolio This course uses user research, wireframes and prototypes, user interface and interactive design, and usability testing to create real-world projects to prepare students for the UX/UI field. For certificate students only. CE-DGART 2089PE, 7 Mon., Mar. 20-May 1, 6:30-9:30 pm, $367. UX Career Development Workshop Prepare to launch your career in UX with this three-session career development workshop. In the first session, you will work on creating your resume and LinkedIn profile to best highlight your digital portfolio and skills. Next, you will learn the art of a great interview, including how to prepare and be ready for virtual and in person interviews, being able to highlight your skills and abilities, present your genuine self with confidence and ask good questions. In the final workshop learn from subject matter experts in the industry. Hear their thoughts on what is presently important for hiring managers through a panel answering your questions and the opportunity to practice mock interviews. CE-DGART 2119PE, 3 T/Th., May 9-16, 6:30-9:30 pm, $200. Textbook Required