Workforce Development and Community Education: Spring 2023

Visit us online at | 16 CAREER & WORKFORCE TRAINING HYBRID Mixed Reality (XR) Certificate-84 Hrs This non-credit, hybrid certificate program is an intensive course of study over two semesters beginning in the fall. This program gives students the tools and knowledge to create mixed reality worlds. Students will be instructed in coding, digital 3D modeling, game design, mixed reality design (virtual and augmented reality), independent studio, and portfolio development. This certificate will enable students to acquire skills that are attractive to employers in an in-demand field. For ages 18 years & up. Students must register for the entire program at time of registration. Register for the entire certificate! To register for certificate program classes, you must call 914-606-7300 or email Carmen Marrinan at For non-credit course descriptions, visit us at REMOTE Social Media Specialist Certificate-66 Hrs This online, non-credit certificate program is over two semesters, beginning in the fall. The culminating experience will be the creation of a social media portfolio that students can share with potential employers or use as a guide to create their own social media consulting business. The Social Media Specialist Certificate provides motivated individuals with a foundation in practice and theory with hands-on activities, in-depth assignments, and lectures by the instructor and using supplemental resources, such as videos and/or interviews with social media professionals. We give you the tools to become a smart and capable player on the social media stage. When you are done, you will be able to create a powerful social media strategy. The certificate is an intensive course of study with a total of seven individual courses, and three optional electives to choose from. One elective is required during the program. Upon completion of the core courses, participants will have the opportunity to take for the Hootsuite Social Marketing exam (exam fees are additional). Completion of the certificate is required for the exam. Students may register for the entire program at time of registration for certificate or take courses independently in sequence. Register for the entire certificate! To register for certificate program classes, you must call 914-606-7300 or email Carmen Marrinan at For non-credit course descriptions, visit us at Social Media Strategies and Tactics Learn about setting Goals, Objectives, KPIs, and Tactics. Students will learn about creating content calendar for timing and key dates and incorporating content marketing into a social context. In addition, students will look at several social media tools, including Hootsuite, content management systems, and other common tools used in a social media role. Plus, this course will cover how to build a brand advocacy program and look at ways to engage influencers. CE-COMP 2223PE, 4 Thurs., Jan. 19-Feb. 9, 6:00-9:00 pm, $221. Social Media Marketing This course provides students with an in-depth look at social media advertising, including how to establish a budget; developing a data-driven audience; creating an ad campaign; and measuring its impact. Activities, templates, lectures, and insights will be provided to help students craft a successful social media ad campaign. CE-COMP 2224PE, 3 Thurs., Mar. 2-16, 6:00-9:00 pm, $164. Social Media Measurement and ROI This course will provide students with an in-depth, hands-on exploration of current trends and tools including quantitative and qualitative measurement methodologies for social media. Students will learn to communicate return on investment (ROI) of social media to a non-expert audience. Students will develop skills to analyze how the performance of the social media strategy directly impacts the strategic priorities and mission/ goals of their organization. CE-COMP 2225PE, 3 Thurs., Mar. 23-Apr. 6, 6:00-9:00 pm, $164. Create A Social Media Crisis Management Plan On social media, things can move blazingly fast. Sometimes, a PR crisis that seems to come out of nowhere. Your best chance to make it through a social media crisis is to prepare ahead of time. Have a solid plan, a list of key stakeholders and responsibilities, and a clear chain of command. This course looks at methods for spotting potential issues as they emerge and how to shut a problem down in the early stages. The course also will show the students what to do if you end up with a fullblown social media crisis management situation on your hands. Examples, handouts, and templates will be provided. CE-COMP 2226PE, 2 Thurs., Apr. 27-May 4, 6:00-9:00 pm, $109. ELECTIVES Policies and Procedures to Manage Risk This course examines social media policies and procedures to manage risk and improve communication strategies. Students will have the opportunity to draft social media policies and procedures for their respective organizations. CE-COMP 2228PE, 2 Thurs., Jan. 5-12, 6:00-9:00 pm, $109. Creating Simple Video Content for Social Media Any business can start creating video content as a part of its overall marketing strategy. You just have to figure out what your overall objective is and how to plan to achieve those results. Creating unique, refreshing and engaging video content comes easy, if the objective is clear. In this course, students will create a video storyboard and script based on a business objective. Then they will use online tools and apps to create the video. CE-COMP 2229PE, 2 Thurs., Feb. 16-23, 6:00-9:00 pm, $109.