Testing & Assessment Honors Program

Great News!!! 
Incoming students with strong placement scores are eligible for the Honors Program.  If your placement essay score is “9” or higher, you automatically qualify to take Composition and Literature 1—Honors, if you apply and are accepted to the Honors Program.

How To Apply

  • Fill out and electronically submit the Westchester Community College Honors Program Application
  • Application forms are also available in the Honors Corner, LIB-3rd floor. Pick up an application, fill it out and slide it under the door of either of the Honors Co-Directors (LIB 318 or LIB 319).
  • You will be contacted by mail or phone. If you are admitted, you will be invited for an informal meeting during which we will plan your Honors course of study.

Where To Get More Information

For information about the Honors Program, visit the Honors Program Website.