Student Government Association – Executive Board

The Executive Board is the primary committee to guide the SGA in the best interest of the student body.  All SGA committees are responsible to the Executive Board.  The Executive Board shall act to uphold the SGA Constitution.   The members of the Executive Board oversee the many aspects the SGA.  The SGA Executive Board meets weekly to share updates, approve policy, discuss progress on the goals the SGA set for the semester, etc.

If you want more information to become a member of the SGA Executive Board, stop by the SGA Offices in Student Center Room 290.

Executive Board Officers

Drayvon Carmichael, President

Greg Gafaar, Vice President

Steven Aranda, Treasurer

Felicia Malcolm, Secretary

Jessica Gramajo, Director of Public Relations

Hayden Tse, Student Trustee



Adam Frank, Director of Student Involvement

Rachele Hall, Associate Director of Student Involvement

Tiago Machado, Assistant Director of Student Involvement