Withdrawal From Class

You may withdraw without scholastic penalty up to halfway through a semester. The withdrawal will be noted on your record as a “W.” After the halfway point in the session, only your professor may initiate a withdrawal and only if there are personal emergency circumstances that warrant this action. This type of withdrawal from class is noted on your record as either “WP” (Withdrawal Passing) or “WF” (Withdrawal Failure).

Please consult the Registrar’s Office for questions regarding the Class Withdrawal  Policy. 914-606-6810

Dropping A Class
When a student withdraws from a class prior to the fourth week of a semester, it is referred to as “dropping” the class. No letter grades are given for classes that are dropped. Depending on how far into the semester a class is dropped, students may be entitled to a full or partial Refund. Classes may be dropped in person at the registrar’s office. For spring and fall semesters, classes can also be added or dropped using the Online Registration system.

Warning: Students will lose their official full-time status if, by dropping a course, they are left with fewer than twelve registered credits.