Refund Policy for Undergraduate Academic Courses

  • In the event the college cancels a course, 100% of tuition and refundable fees will be refunded.
  • If the course is dropped during the first three (3) weeks of classes, the student will receive a percentage of tuition only (not fees), according to the schedule below.
  • As of the first day of the semester (depending on campus, extension site or session), students who fail to make payment or other arrangements to cover their full account, will no longer be deleted from their classes and will be responsible for the charges incurred according to the refund schedule. If you do not plan on attending Westchester Community College, you must drop your classes prior to the first day of the semester in which you are registered. If you do not, all tuition and fees are your responsibility.

Refund Policy – 15 week semester Fall/Spring Semesters Including Distance Learning courses & 14 week Extension Sites

 When Course Is Dropped

Refund Amount

 Before official start of the semester. 100%
 During the first week. 75% (Tuition Only)
 During the second week. 50% (Tuition Only)
 During the third week. 25% (Tuition Only)
 After the third week. No Refund


Refund Policy – Courses held for LESS than 14 weeks Including Distance Learning & Summer courses

 When Course Is Dropped

Refund Amount

Before the official start date of the session NOT first class meeting 100%
 First five days of classes 25% (Tuition Only)
 After the first week. No Refund

NON Refundable Fees

Administrative Payment Plan fee, Application fee, Assessment fee, Add/Drop fees, Late Registration fee, Return Check Fee. Note: After the semester’s start date the FSA fees, FSA Equipment fee, FSA Cultural Arts fee, Paramedic fee, Lab fee, and other Malpractice Insurance fees are not refundable.

Grounds for an Appeal to the Refund Policy

In order to submit an appeal to the refund policy a student must validate an extenuating circumstance in the process beyond their control. The following alone are not considered extenuating circumstances and will not be considered by the Refund Committee for a refund:

  • Dismissal for academic or disciplinary reasons.
  • Dissatisfaction with a course’s scheduled meeting time, location, or instructor’s mode of instruction.
  • Discontinued attendance or failure to attend a course at all.
  • Failure to follow college policies and procedures available for review within the college’s handbook, catalog or @
  • Failure to meet published dates and deadlines regarding registration and payment.
  • A tuition liability due resulting from Late Registration on or after the first day of the semester regardless of attendance.
  • Failure to review registration information for accuracy, tuition and payment policies.
  • Failure to seek academic and financial advisement before registering for a course.

*Students whose accounts have been turned over for collection or are already in the collection process cannot appeal the refund policy.

Extenuating circumstances considered by the Refund Committee include the following but are not limited to:

  • Military or Federal Service: Students who drop a class or otherwise withdraw from a class due to Federal service, military enlistment or changes in military orders, and who have paid their own tuition and fees, are eligible for a full refund. Documentation of such military service and official copies of orders from the military office must be provided.
  • Death of Student: If a student dies during a semester in which they were enrolled, all paid tuition and fees will be refunded to the immediate family upon submission of a death certificate.
  • Medical Extenuating Circumstances

How to File your Appeal

How to File your Appeal

  1. The student must have first dropped or withdrawn from the course or courses in question before an appeal to the refund policy can be filed.
  2. The student must submit the following:
  3. A detailed written statement describing the student’s reason and justification for an appeal of the refund policy. (This statement must specify the extenuating circumstance for the refund)
  4. In the case of a medical circumstance, please follow the directions under “Medical Extenuating Circumstances” below under part 4.
  5. Supporting documentation when possible should accompany the justification. (For example: accident report, police report, airline tickets, death certificate of parent, spouse, child, sibling)
  6. All refund appeals should be filed with the Refund Committee within the academic term for consideration and should be received no later than the last date of the class, not the last day of the semester.
    1. Your appeal to the Refund Committee and all supporting documentation should be sent to: Westchester Community College Refund Committee
      ℅ Administration Building, Room 107
      75 Grasslands Road
      Valhalla, NY 10595

**If an appeal warrants an exception for a student who received financial aid, the student will be required to repay any funds used for books, and monies which were disbursed directly to the student over and above the tuition costs and fees for the semester. In such a case a letter will be sent to the student indicating the amount of repayment due with a thirty (30) day repayment final date. Failure to repay funds within thirty (30) days will nullify the full refund request for the term.

Appeals submitted to the Refund Committee will be reviewed within thirty (30) business days. A notification will be sent to the student of the committee’s final decision.

A review of the Refund Committee’s final decision can be requested in writing ONLY when changes in the student’s circumstances occurred AFTER the original appeal was filed which warrant consideration but were not included in the supporting documentation packet originally submitted. This additional documentation should be sent to the Associate Dean of Student Development and Support Services.

  1. Extenuating Medical Circumstances: must be submitted to WCC’s Refund Committee no later than the last day of the semester. Medical Refund Appeals must be approved by the Refund Committee and a filed petition does not guarantee an approval. Students requesting a refund based on extenuating medical circumstances must provide the following:
  2. Medical Appeal for Refund Form Under “Reason for Request” the student should write a personal statement on his or her own behalf to support their request. The personal statement must include the approximate dates of attendance and the last date of attendance for the semester. This form must be signed and dated by the student.
  3. Medical documentation. A letter from the student’s Health Care Provider(s) (medical doctor, physician assistant or nurse practitioner) must be submitted to the Health Services Office. The note must include the nature of the illness/diagnosis, dates of the condition and its effect on the student’s ability to attend classes during the semester for which the request is being submitted. Pre-existing conditions are not accepted unless unexpected circumstances occurred or symptoms exacerbated during the semester for which the appeal is being submitted. This letter can be faxed directly from a doctor’s office to the Refund Committee ℅ Health Services Coordinator for review at (914) 606-6423 or (914)-606-8951. Additional documentation may be required upon review. *Please note all such information mandated by the college is treated as confidential and privileged. Medical Refund Appeals can also be mailed or delivered directly to:
    Westchester Community College Refund Committee
    % Health Services Coordinator
    Student Center Bldg. Room 112
    75 Grasslands Road
    Valhalla, NY 10595