Change of Major (Program/Plan)

Beginning with the Spring 2016 semester on January 19, 2016, the procedure for all students wishing to change their major (also referred to as Program/Plan) will be the following:


Matriculated students should select their major/program plan to best suit their educational and career goals and aspirations.  If a student’s goals and aspirations alter and students feel they must change their major/program plan, students must meet with their respective advisor to consult about the potential impact this change may have toward their degree completion.  Major/program plan changes will be processed only by the Registrar’s Office and are subject to advisor approval.


  1. Students will download the change of major/program plan form from the Registrar webpage or pick up a hard copy in the Registrar’s Office.
  1. Student must consult with their respective advisor regarding their interest to change their declared major. Advisors should discuss the opportunities available to the student in both their original and potential future major/program plan and explore the potential impact a major/program plan change will have on the student’s degree completion.  Further, students should be referred to Financial Aid to discuss any potential impacts a change of major/program plan may have on their aid.
    1. Students who have earned 30 or less credits should meet with a member of the Counseling faculty
    2. Students who have earned 31+ credits should meet with the Curriculum Chair of their intended major.
  1. After the discussion has taken place, the advisor may approve the student for a major/program plan change. Approval will be given in the form of a signature on the Change of Major/Program Plan Approval Form.
    1. Matriculated students who are changing their major/program plan from one program to another will bring their completed Major/Program Plan Approval Form to the Registrar’s Office for processing.
    2. Non-matriculated students who wish to move into matriculated status should visit the Admissions Office to file the appropriate paperwork. They may officially declare a major/program plan at that time.
  1. No change will be processed by the Registrar unless proper approval has been received from the respective student’s advisor. If the teaching faculty advisor is on their annual leave (January/June/July/August), the student must meet, consult, and receive approval from the respective Dean of their school.
  1. Approved changes in a student’s major/program plan will take effect either:
    1. On the date of processing in PeopleSoft if the semester has not begun
    2. If semester has already started, then change will take effect for the next semester
    3. A change of major/program plan for a student may not be backdated.
  1. A student may not request a change in their major more than twice in a given semester.