Parent’s FAQ

Congratulations to you! Your son or daugther has made the decision to attend Westchester Community College and what a great choice.

Whether is this your first student or your last, we know you have important questions and we took the liberty to answer some below:

Q: How can I help my student with their transition to WCC?
A: Encouragement goes a long way and staying positive. Additionally, let them know we offer academic counseling for advice.

Q: How can my student get invovled on campus?
A: Check out the Student Invovlvement Office which is home to over 70 active clubs and organizations on campus who develop programs, trips and activities for students to engage in.

Q: Can my student get extra help such as they did in high school?
A: Absolutely. The college offers free tutoring in the Academic Support Center located in the basement of the Library.

Q: Does Westchester Community College have a diverse student population?
A: Definitely! Westchester Community College prides itself on the uniqueness of its student community.