Eligibility Verification

After You Have Applied You May be Selected for Verification 

If your application is selected for verification, you will be required to supply supporting documentation such as signed, completed, federal and state income tax transcripts (including W-2s) for you, your spouse and parents where applicable ( and proof of non-taxable income not reported on your tax forms, such as veteran’s non-educational benefits, workers’ compensation, disability and child support.

In addition, you may be required to verify your social security number, alien registration number, citizenship status or veteran status if not verified by the central processor. Males may be required to provide documentation of their Selective Service status. You may be asked to provide further documentation such as passport, birth certificate, naturalization form, legal Resident Alien Card (green card) or I-94 form. All supporting documentation required to verify your eligibility status must be provided no later than 45 days from the date of request, or you may lose your eligibility for aid.

Failure to supply the requested documentation or to satisfactorily complete the verification process by the above date will mean that you forfeit your right to receive any Federal aid for the coming year. This documentation should be copied before submitting it to the Office of Student Financial Assistance.  We will not be able to make copies for you.

An accurate and complete response to your aid application must be received by the school prior to your last date of enrollment. The Office of Student Financial Assistance will need up to 30 days to process your aid once all of your documentation is in.

Financial Aid is school-specific. If you have applied for aid using any school name other than Westchester Community College, you have to change the school name to Westchester Community College before you can use the aid here. Loans processed at another school are not valid here. They will have to be reprocessed at Westchester Community College. This office can help you transfer your aid. Please check with the Office of Student Financial Assistance for instructions on getting your aid.