To The Faculty

Dear Colleagues,

We welcome you to Westchester Community College.  Last year we provided services to around 1,400 identified students who are learning disabled, emotionally disabled, physically disabled, or other health impaired. Westchester Community College is dedicated to responding to the mandates of Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act and the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990. We depend on the support of the faculty and staff to continue to provide our students with quality instruction and support for their individual needs. We are dedicated to student success and completion.

We have prepared the attached information on our services for your reference and use. The Fact Sheet outlines available services and student responsibilities. The Procedure to Request Sheet lists important student testing request information.  Please include these in your course syllabus and post on Blackboard.  Distribute to students as needed.

We strongly recommend that you make an announcement encouraging any student with a documented disability who needs an accommodation to make an appointment to meet with you in private to discuss the circumstances. We have found that early identification and accommodation ease the academic problems experienced by students with disabilities. We reach as many students as possible during the admissions process, but some students are hesitant to come forward.  By creating this opening, you are demonstrating your awareness and sensitivity to special needs.  In addition, please encourage your students who have disability documentation to contact Disabilities Services in the Library, Ground Floor, Room G51  (914-606-6287).  Students must register with our office to get green Referral to Faculty letters for accommodations.

We continue to be available to support and assist you in your efforts to provide reasonable accommodations as required by law. We encourage you to call us to discuss your questions and concerns throughout the year.


Professor Sharon Massey
Coordinator of Disability Services
Office: Library G47
Phone: (914) 606-6626

Professor Renee Balotti
Counselor/Coordinator of Accommodations
Office: Library G53
Phone: (914) 606-8585

Professor Marcia Kalkut
Office: Library G51
Phone: (914) 606-6552

Professor Angeliki Parashis
Counselor for Deaf Students
Office:  Gateway 134
Phone: (914) 606-6236

Professor Theresa Revans-McMenimon
Counselor/Specialist for Students with Autism
Office: Classroom Building 4
Phone: (914) 606-6336