Student Responsibilities

Understand your Disability
You need to know about your disability. Know the things that you do well. Know the things that are difficult for you. Know what assistance has been helpful to you in dealing with your disability. 

Plan Ahead
Coming to college means rearranging your life. Financial needs, time demands, study schedules and course work vary greatly from high school. College courses require more study time outside of the classroom. Expectations of student performance are greater, and competition may be more intense. These expectations can be met with good planning. Apply for financial aid early. Consider the number of hours it will be necessary for you to work. Make arrangements for transportation and child care. Family and personal responsibilities and time commitments must also be considered. Set realistic goals and priorities for course work.

Establish Contact with Support Services
YOU are responsible for requesting support services. YOU need to contact the professionals responsible for assisting students with disabilities (see first page). By law, we cannot contact you about your needs. Make contact each semester, as early as possible, to discuss what your needs will be. Submit current documentation about your disability before school starts, or as soon as possible. Understand that services provided in college may differ from those you received in high school.

Speak to your Professors
At the start of every semester register with our office to obtain green “Referral to Faculty” letters stating your accommodations.  Contact each of your instructors to arrange for course assistance and accommodations. Your disability must qualify you for the accommodations requested. We can help you arrange these accommodations and may have some additional ideas that can assist you in becoming a more successful student. You must make arrangements in advance (as soon as the exam is announced, not the day of the exam) for accommodations such as extra time. Remember, extra time may only help if you do the necessary preparation and attend classes regularly. 

Make Contact Often
You may want to make contact regularly to talk over how you are progressing in your courses and to identify your needs in each class. Keeping in contact with these offices will help you succeed. Our goal is to facilitate your success and completion.

Be Aware of Procedures and Deadlines
Refer to the gold colored “Procedure to Request Testing Accommodations” sheet.  If you must take your exam outside the classroom, it is your responsibility to get from our office a “Blue Sheet” for testing arrangements at least four days before your exam.   We may not be able to accommodate you if you do not give advanced notice.


TUTORIAL CENTERS are located throughout our campus and at extension centers.  Refer to “Don’t Drop Out, Drop In” brochure or Westchester Community College’s website for locations and times.  THIS IS A FREE SERVICE!!! 

ACADEMIC SUPPORT CENTER and WRITING CENTER WORKSHOPS are scheduled regularly.  They are invaluable to new students, and returning students, too.  Take advantage of these.  Great information at no charge!  Click here for the Academic Support Center.