Procedure to Request Testing Accomodations

Professor Barbara Begnal Scovotti – LIB G51 – 914-606-6287

You must sign up for our services each semester since you have new courses and new professors. Accommodations are not automatic – you must request them every semester. Accessing these services is crucial to your success.

Come in early, first week of classes. Do not wait until the last minute. Your professors want the opportunity to help you throughout the semester.

  • Fill out YELLOW SHEET (Request for Referrals) with courses and professors at the beginning of EVERY semester.  Keep your email and cell phone number updated so we can contact you on campus.
  • Return to Disabilities Services for GREEN SHEETS (Referral to Faculty letters), sign them and give to your professors, either before or after class.  Choose a convenient time to discuss accommodations.
  • Pick up BLUE SHEETS (Request for Accommodations) here as soon as your professor announces a test to arrange extended time/separate location.   You do this, not your professor.  Repeat for EVERY test.
    • Come to our office at least 3 days before each test, or as soon as possible, for blue sheet to schedule testing time. This is YOUR responsibility, not your professor’s responsibility.
    • If there is a conflict, test needs to be rescheduled to allow extra time.  Professor must OK time.
    • Bring sheet to professor and have professor complete form with all additional info needed (open book, notes allowed, etc.).  Test delivery must be decided by your professor.
    • Wait while sheet is completed. Don’t leave it with Professor!
    • You are  are responsible for its speedy return to our office.
  • FINAL EXAM ACCOMMODATIONS will be provided by your professors if you have given them your green sheet.  If you need assistive technology for your final exams, notify your professor and our office at least 3 weeks beforehand.  Check with our office about final exam procedures at least 3 weeks beforehand.


  • TUTORIAL CENTERS are located throughout our campus and at the extension centers.  Refer to “Don’t Drop Out, Drop In” brochure or  click here for locations and times.  THIS IS A FREE SERVICE!!!  No appointment needed.
  • ACADEMIC SUPPORT CENTER and WRITING CENTER WORKSHOPS are scheduled regularly.  They are invaluable to new students, and returning students, too.  Take advantage of these.  Great information at no charge!  See us or ASC for schedules.

Now is NOT the time to “go it alone.”  Make good use of the support offered to you to increase your chances of success in college.  DON’T BE AFRAID TO ASK FOR HELP.  That’s why we’re here!