Honesty in Testing Policy

Extra time for tests in a supervised, separate location outside the classroom is a reasonable accommodation to help you succeed in college.  You, as well as our other students, rely heavily upon this service.

We in Testing Accommodations/Disabilities Services put our trust in you and expect you to conduct yourself with integrity. We will NOT tolerate cheating of any kind!  Professors expect that we enforce the No Cheating policy and we do not want our services to be put in jeopardy.  Your dishonesty will not only affect you, but will affect others using our services.

We will be vigilant in our proctoring so please don’t take advantage of our services!

If you abuse this accomodation by cheating you will not be able to use services in our office. Your exam will be taken away from you, your professor will be notified and your exams will no longer be administered in this office.

In addition, you are subject to the colleges Academic Honesty Policy listed in the Course Catalog and Student Handbook.