Extended Time Placement Testing

Special Placement Testing sessions for Students with Disabilities who need specific accommodations are scheduled at regular intervals up until 2 weeks before each semester begins.  These accommodations are not available during drop-in testing sessions or off campus testing sessions.

Once you have received an acceptance letter from the Westchester Community College Admissions Office, contact our Disabilities Services Office at 914-606-6287 and listen to our recorded information about special Extended Time Placement Test sessions and to schedule an appointment for testing.

  • You must have an appointment to attend one of these special sessions.
  • You must have all documentation on file in our office prior to your testing date.
    • Make an appointment early to avoid being closed out of a testing date.
    • The sooner you take the placement test, the sooner you can register for classes.
    • Don’t wait until the last minute to schedule your test because you may miss the deadline for special accommodations testing and will have to take the test without accommodations.
  • Contact Disabilities Services Office as early as possible if a sign language interpreter is needed or if any other specific accommodations are requested.

    This is where to register for the Extended Time Placement Test Registration.

Before the Day of Your Test:

  • Request that your high school and/or doctor provide the following information:
    • Most recent Triennial Evaluation
    • Most recent IEP (Individualized Education Program)
    • Educational testing information and results
    • Letter of diagnosis and recommendations for accommodations

Disability documentation should be sent to:Disability Services
Westchester Community College
Library, Room G51
75 Grasslands Road
Valhalla, New York 10595
Confidential Fax (914) 606-7893


  • It is YOUR responsibility to verify that all documentation has been received and reviewed in our office (914-606-6287) prior to the date of your test. Otherwise, you will not be allowed to test with accommodations at that time. In addition, this office cannot provide services during the school year until all required documentation has been submitted.
  • Submit your immunization records directly to the Westchester Community College Health Office (Phone 914-606-6610, Fax 914-606-6423). You cannot register for classes until your immunization records are complete.
  • Call the Counseling Office (914-606-6572) for an appointment with an academic advisor and to schedule your courses. You may call for the appointment now, but schedule your appointment for AFTER you have all the results of your placement testing so that you can register for the appropriate courses.




On Testing Day:

  • Placement Testing is given in the Skills Assessment Center (Testing Center) in the LIBRARY, GROUND LEVEL, Room G12. Use Parking Lot 1 for Visitor Parking.
  • Arrive at least 30 minutes early to allow you time to sign in because testing begins promptly.
  • Our Accommodations Office Group Orientation is given at the beginning of Placement Testing and “Next Step” information is handed out.
  • Testing usually lasts for approximately 3 hours.
  • Do not schedule any outside appointments for the afternoon of your test so that you will not be distracted or rushed during testing.

For those students who have a regents or local high school diploma, or have a GED, this test is for placement purposes only.  If you have an IEP diploma please contact ADMISSIONS.

The placement test consists of 1 essay (75 minutes) and 3 parts multiple choice (Reading Comprehension, Arithmetic, Elementary Algebra) that are on computer and are scored on completion. Your English placement essay is usually scored on Thursdays.


For further information and practice tests go to Placement Testing