Classroom Testing Accommodations

Office: Library, G51 
Main Office: 914-606-6287                              
Confidential Fax:  914-606-7893
Hours:  Monday – Friday 9 AM – 4 PM.

If you request testing accommodations you must come to LIB G51 during the first week of each semester to request referral letters to give to your professors for testing. Professors appreciate knowing your need for accommodations early so that they may better understand your needs and support you throughout the semester. This will help you to achieve success and completion.

The steps are as follows:

  1. You will complete a yellow Request for Referral form with your current contact information, the title of your courses and your professors’ names. Be sure to have this information with you.
  2. You will receive a green Referral to Faculty letter, which you must sign and give to your professor.
  3. When your professor announces the test in class you should discuss your testing needs with your professor.
  4. Make an appointment with this office at least 3 days in advance if you plan to take the test in an alternate location, Library G51. A blue Request for Modified Testing form will be given to you to be completed by your professor.

Student Guidelines for Modified Testing

  1. Your disability must qualify you for the accommodation you are requesting.
  2. Limit your request to only those exams for which you know you need extended time/separate location.
  3. Speak to your professor to arrange to take your exams with the rest of the class and get extra time with your professor.
  4. If you must take your exam outside the classroom, it is your responsibility to make arrangements at least 3 days before the exam with this office. We may not be able to accommodate you if you do not give us advance notice.
  5. Use the blue Request for Modifications in Testing form to arrange for taking exams outside of the classroom. Get this form in Library G51. We cannot mail requests for modifications or referrals to you.
  6. It is your responsibility to bring the request to your professor. Please make sure that the professor has completely filled out the bottom portion and return the form to our office.  No Telephone Requests for Blue Sheets Accepted!
  7. If your professor has indicated that YOU will be bringing the exam it must be delivered in a sealed and signed envelope. The exam must be delivered to us unopened. Exams that are open or seem tampered with cannot be administered at our office. We must send the exam back to your professor and it will be the professor’s decision whether or not you should take the exam.
  8. If you are going to take the exam with extended time in LIB G51 you must sign-in and take the exam under our supervision at the scheduled time.
  9. Arrive On Time! If you arrive late to an exam, we may not be allowed to administer your exam, or that time may be deducted from the time you are allotted.
  10. If you are unable to take the exam at the scheduled time you must make other arrangements, first with your professor and then with us. We must hear from your professor confirming what arrangements you have made.
  11. Final Exam Accomodations will be provided by your professors if you have given them your green sheet. If you need assistive technology for your final exams, notify your professor and our office at least 3 weeks beforehand.
  12. Extra time does not mean unlimited time. If the exam is one hour, you will get approximately 1 ½ hours. If the exam is two hours you will get approximately three hours.

Remember: extra time for exams may not be all that it takes. It may not be the answer for everyone. Daily preparation and review are most important. Attendance at the Academic Support Center’s test-taking strategies workshops eases anxiety, improves test performance and often eliminates the need for extra time.