Special Programs


Federal Work Study
The Federal Work Study Program, a form of financial aid, is subsidized by federal funding. In accepting this award, students agree to work part-time and receive payroll checks every two weeks.

Who is qualified to receive work study?
Any student who is eligible for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), has documented financial need, and checks the box for Work Study on the FAFSA application. Students can request and/or apply for work study funds any time throughout the academic year.

Federal Work Study Awards: how, where and when? 
If you meet the above requirements and received a financial aid award letter indicating work study, call 914-606-6763 and speak to Maria Clarizio, located in the Career and Transfer Center, Student Center Building, Room 201. The day of your appointment bring your financial aid award letter, bursar’s statement indicating tuition payment, and your class schedule. It is possible to arrange your job and complete the required paperwork in 20 minutes. Work Study job placement is open Monday – Friday from 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM throughout the calendar year.

Where will I work?
Literally, there are hundreds of jobs on campus. If students are enrolled at Extension Centers, they can conveniently work in that particular site. The pay rate starts at $7.70 per hour, and is based on experience and skills required.  Placements are arranged on a first come, first serve basis. Therefore, it is recommended that students make an appointment immediately after receipt of their award letter.

On Campus placements include:

Office of Academic Affairs
Academic Support Center
Arts Department
Biology, Chemistry
Career and Transfer Center
Continuing Education
Counseling Office
Cultural Affairs
EMS Academy
Foundation Office
Health Office
Information Systems
Language Lab
Math Department
Physical EducationScience Tutorial
Student Affairs
Viking Newspaper
And many others…

Can I work off campus? 
Yes. You can work off campus in the America Reads/Counts program by becoming a Tutor. As an America Reads/Counts Tutor, you will read and/or tutor basic math skills to preschool through elementary-aged children in a variety of community sites such as preschools, elementary schools, YMCA community centers, etc.


America Reads/Counts Program

What is America Reads?
America Reads is a national campaign calling on all Americans – parents, educators, libraries, universities, religious institutions, the media, senior citizens and the community – to help every child to learn to read well. College work-study students will play a vital role in this initiative. Former President Bill Clinton asked that a significant portion of the Federal Work-Study positions be dedicated to the America Reads effort.

What is the Job Description for America Reads Tutors? 
Quite simply, America Reads Tutors will read with preschool through elementary-aged children in a variety of community settings and at various times of the day and early evening. Placement sites may include, but are not limited to, approved preschools and elementary schools, parks and recreation programs, child-care facilities, libraries, Head Start or family literacy programs, Young Men’s Christian Association, (YMCA) housing authorities, museums, etc.

All Tutors will be expected to act professionally and follow the policies and procedures of America Reads and the On-Site Supervisor in the community. All America Reads Tutors will receive and be paid for initial training to prepare them for their placement. The pay rate starts at $9.80hr.

How Can I Participate? 
Students who are interested in becoming America Reads Tutors and have Work Study should contact the Career and Transfer Center by calling 606-6763 or 606-6760 to make an appointment with Maria Clarizio.

Why Get Involved in America Reads? 
The America Reads program offers several benefits for participating in the program and the community they serve.

  • Diverse community settings provide scheduling flexibility.
  • Participation in the program will provide valuable job experience and may help to fulfill community service requirements for some majors.
  • Most of all, participating students will have the opportunity to make a difference in a young child’s life and in the community. Reading is a skill that is developed in the classroom, in the home, and in the community. Reading with children reinforces what they learn in school and motivates them to read on their own. America Reads Tutors have the potential to positively affect the lives of countless young people and influence the future of the nation.



Cooperative Education/Internship Program
The Cooperative Education/Internship Program at Westchester Community College is an experiential learning program that provides students the opportunity to gain real work experience related to their career interests. This experience is designed to complement and enhance their classroom experience and provide the laboratory to “test out” their career choice. Students can also get a head start in making professional contacts while strengthening their resume for future employment opportunities. It is one of the many ways Westchester Community College prepares students for success in their chosen profession.

Employers who provide the opportunities for students establish a salary rate. Some employers offer credit only, while others offer a stipend for expenses.

Would you like to gain hands-on experience in the career of your choice AND earn extra money? To find out more about the internship program, please attend one of the following information sessions:

Refreshments and snacks will be served at the information sessions. To register for an info session, please call the Career and Transfer Center at 914-606-6760.

The following academic curricula offer internship credit for the experience:

  • Accounting
  • Business Administration
  • Communication & Media Arts
  • Computer Information Systems
  • Computer Science
  • Criminal Justice
  • Engineering Technologies
    • Civil
    • Mechanical
    • Electrical
  • Emergency Medical Technology
  • Office Technologies
  • Paralegal Studies
  • Liberal Arts/Social Science
  • Marketing
  • Retail Management/Fashion Merchandising
  • Visual Arts

Qualifications: Minimum GPA 2.5, 12 academic credits in the chosen curriculum, Completion of Eng 101

For details about the program and to enroll, attend an information session, meet with the program coordinator on the Valhalla campus .

For additional information contact the program coordinator: Yvonne Rosario


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