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Who is eligible to use Career Services?
All students and former students, enrolled in credit and non-credit courses, are eligible to use all the services, for free, for life. In addition, immediate family members of staff and faculty are welcome to use the Services.

Refer students
As a faculty member at Westchester Community College you play a crucial role in referring students. Career Counselors help students determine the right major/career based upon their interests, career goals, skills, values, and personality. We administer a variety of inventories and help students research majors and career possibilities. We are a student’s best resource for job outlook, salary, and employment trends as well as help in developing a job search plan and the tools to be a successful job seeker.

Referring a Student to the Internship Program
Teaching faculty are in an excellent position to assess a student’s readiness and appropriateness for an Internship.  (In fact, students need a recommendation from a faculty member as part of the application process). In many instances we need referrals from the teaching faculty as placement opportunities are developed. So working together, we can optimize placement opportunities and experiences for students. In the departments where students can earn academic credit for their placement, faculty act as advisors and mentors while the students are working.

Have an employer that you would like us to contact regarding our Internship Program? Call the Career Services, 914-606-6727.

Request a class presentation
We specialize in conducting presentations to the classes you teach and the student organizations you advise. We cover a host of career-related topics, such as how to choose a career, resume writing, job-search strategies, and interviewing skills. In addition, we can arrange presentations by professionals who can discuss how their college majors impacted their careers.

To arrange a presentation complete the form below and we will contact you.