Student Affairs Assessment

Mission Statement

The Office of Student Affairs Assessment guides the assessment efforts of the Division of Student Affairs in the measurement of holistic student growth, learning, and divisional effectiveness.  Through consultation, the office supports the ongoing development of a culture of assessment wherein effective and efficient programs and services can be developed and refined to support the College’s mission.

Unit Assessments



Career Center

Disability Services

Educational Opportunity Program

Financial Assistance

Health Services

International and Immigrant Student Services


Judicial Affairs

Personal Counseling


Single Stop

Student Development

Student Involvement

Student Support Services

Transfer Services


Veterans Affairs

Virginia Marx Children’s Center



Office of Assessment Goals

  • Assist units in developing the skills needed to successfully evaluate programs and learning outcomes
  • Provide access to current research on outcomes assessment, performance measurement, and evaluation
  • Collaborate with campus partners to advance the practice of outcomes assessment


When we are successful:

Evidence-based decision making becomes a routine part of Student Affairs’ operating philosophy.

Most decisions will be informed by data obtained through the assessment process.

Programs and services will be self-assessed with staff who are knowledgeable.

Student Affairs Mission Statement

“The Division of Student Affairs is committed to providing services and programs that promote the college’s mission and academic goals. The division will assist students in developing educational plans that align with their interests, goals and abilities while empowering them to take an active role in their education and assume personal responsibility and accountability. The division is dedicated to fostering personal growth, student involvement and wellness and providing an environment that holistically promotes civility and diversity.”

Student Affairs Statement of Goals

  • To provide enrollment services for students
  • To assist students with issues related to psychological and physical health, disabilities and childcare
  • To empower students to take personal responsibility in the development of their education
  • To provide comprehensive and meaningful experiences in the co-curriculum