General Grievances, Sexual Harassment & Discrimination

Westchester Community College will maintain academic and work environments that are free of discrimination, sexual harassment and sexual violence and promotes an environment in which individuals of various groups and backgrounds learn to live together in an atmosphere of mutual respect. Furthermore, the college asserts that students’ educations are inadequate unless they have acquired knowledge and appreciation of human diversity and have established sets of values with which to function positively in a pluralistic society (Policy of Human Diversity).

The College uses an administrative review team to investigate and resolve complaints. The team consists of responsible administrators appointed by the president. The objectives of the team are to conduct a thorough and complete investigation and to issue findings and recommendations based on credible information.

The team consists of:

Nelson Huang, Title IX Coordinator and Senior Affirmative Action Officer   914-606-7913
Ruben Barato, Deputy Coordinator for Title IX and Affirmative Action   914-606-6777
Sabrina Johnson Chandler, Deputy Coordinator for Title IX    914-606-6880
Marcia Kalkut, Section 504 Coordinator for Students with Disabilities 914-606-6552

Please fill out an Incident Report to file a complaint regarding a discrimination, sexual harassment or Discrimination because of a disability.