Behavioral Intervention Team (BIT)

Mission Statement

To promote the safety and health of students and address student behavioral concerns which are not supportive of the faculty’s pursuit of the College’s central function and are not addressed by an existing agency of the College. Included in, but not limited to,  the list of behaviors are threats, aberrant or strange behavior, violent or perceived violent behavior, repeated threats of suicide or violence against others, etc. The BIT reaches out to students to intervene, provide support, and connect them with resources that can assist them. In addition, the team makes recommendations to the Vice-President and Dean of Student Affairs with regard to a student’s ability to continue at Westchester Community College. The BIT does not preempt any other department in performing its duties in enforcing the law or managing student situations.


  • Balance the individual needs of the student and those of the greater campus community
  • Provide a structured positive method for addressing student behaviors that impact the college community and may involve mental health and/or safety issues
  • Act in a proactive manner to assist students
  • Maintain confidentiality and handle all matters discreetly
  • Provide consultation and support to faculty and staff
  • Recommend interventions, sanctions or administrative removal


Ruben Barato, Acting Director of Student Support Services

David Bowen, Assistant Director of Security

Brian Dolansky, Director of Security

Janice Gilroy, Health Service Coordinator

Theresa Revans-Mcmenimon, Disabilities Counselor

Roxanne Santiago, Social Worker

Ellen Zendman, Acting Director of Student Development

If you are concerned about a member of the College Community (Student, Staff or Faculty) and his or her behavior on campus, please report the behavior by filing an Incident Report.